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Well the day is finally approaching, just one more sleep until Blueway 10k. Congratulations to everyone who completed the Blueway 10K training programme, we are so proud of all our Blueway 10K paddlers, amazed by the level of fitness and skills development and humbled by your commitment to the programme.

We hope your last week of training has been going well and that ye are all well rested and fired up for the Blueway 10K events this Saturday.  The event preparation is now complete and all the event packs are being sent off around the country.  Over 600 people have registered for Blueway 10K, with more than 50% of whom are new to the sport, so we should have great numbers and a good buzz at the events all over Ireland.

We are just touching base to confirm a few event details for you so tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible.  To begin you should aim to be at the event location at 10am for registration and to organise any logistics.  All the events will start at 12 noon.

You can find a map of all the Blueway 10K events including car parks and routes here.

Meeting Points

Event Start Car Park Finish Car Park Google Maps Link
Grand Canal Celbridge Paddlers Celbridge Paddlers link here
Royal Canal Louisa Bridge 12th Lock link here
Graiguenamanagh Graig Rowing Club Graig Rowing Club link here
Limerick Shannon Rowing Club St Michaels Rowing Club link here
Protumna Portumna Beach Portumna Beach link here
Cork Glengariff Glengariff link here
Enniskillen Lakelands Forum Lakelands Forum link here


Traveling and Parking

Try to arrive in good time.  Try to park in the allocated parking area identified on the event map for your event, link here, and be considerate of local businesses and residents when parking, even if it means parking a bit down the road and walking a couple of hundred metres, the warm up will do you good.

Don’t forget to allow time for a shuttle if you are entering the Limerick or Royal Canal event as the start and finish are in different locations so you’ll want to organise to have a car and a change of clothes at the end.  The other events, Cork, Grand Canal, Graignamanagh and Portumna and Enniskillen are looped events so start and finish is in the same location.

Bib Collection

You will need to register at 10:00am at the start car park of each event, where we will check you in and give you an event Bib.  You must give these bibs back at the end in order to receive your medal, t-shirt and phone pouch.

Event Start

Every event will start at the same time at 12:00 so ensure you are on the water by 11.30 to warm up, you can use your usual warm up routine from the Blueway 10K programme, and then start moving towards the start line.  At some locations, e.g. Portumna and Grand Canal the start line may be up to 1 kilometre away from the access point, see map, so please give yourself plenty of time.

Event Finish

The events are all very straightforward, just follow your nose.  Some of the events may have some channel choices, if so we will have an arrow or an event marshal at each junction, but in any case all roads lead to Rome so the channels will always join back up.  At the finish line event marshals will take down your bib number and give you a time for your 10K.

T-Shirts, Medals, Phone Pouches and Food

As you get off the water keep an eye out for event Marshals in high vis vest who will be putting Blueway 10K finisher medals around your neck and handing out t-shirts, water proof mobile phone cases and food and drinks in return for your race bib.

Supporting local business

If your event is near a local business, like a pub, who may have allowed use of their facilities or parking be sure to call in and buy a drink or some snacks to help build strong relationships with these essential partners and support local trade.

Safety & Rescue

The event is a flat water event and so is a very safe experience.  That said we will have event stewards in high vis vests who will be located at any turn around points or junction.  We will also have some support paddlers who will paddle with the main group and we will have sweepers at each event who will follow you around and make sure nobody gets left behind.  If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to ask one of the marshals for assistance or advice.

If you have any medical conditions for which you require medication please bring your medication on the water with you.  If you condition may require assistance on the water please let the event organisers know at registration, and let the safety paddlers in high vis vest on the water know too.

There are strong winds forecasted for Saturday so some changes may be required to the Portumna and Cork event routes but you will be informed of any changes on Saturday morning.

Good Luck!

Good luck in the Blueway 10K tomorrow.  We hope you have a fantastic day at the events around the country.  We are really looking forward to seeing all the photos, comments and likes on facebook and twitter, don’t forget to tag @canoeing ireland, @waterways ireland and #blueway 10K.

We’ll send a final Blueway 10K wrap up email next week with some idea on how you can stay involved in Canoeing over the winter.

If you have any questions with regards the Blueway 10K activities please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Canoeing Ireland by emailing or calling us on 01 625 1105

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