Blueway 10k – What next?

Lots of people asking us what they can do next after Blueway 10K.

Well the first thing is to talk to your Blueway 10k Club or Provider about continuing training sessions and what schedules would suit you.

Canoeing Ireland have the Liffey Descent coming up on the 26th September which many B10K participants might be interested in working towards.  More info here.

Liffey Descent Information

However if you think that’s a step too far here is a list of events you might interested in entering.

Marathon 28 August 2016 City of the Tribes Marathon Galway, Co.Galway 11km/15km
Marathon 03 September 2016 Lower Liffet Descent SLCC, Co. Kildare 18km/14km
Marathon 11 September 2016 Scouts Liffey Descent Lucan, Co. Dublin 10km
Marathon 24 September 2016 Liffey Descent Straffen 30km
Marathon 09 October 2016 Robertstown Robertstown, Co. Kildare

We’ll send out more information on these events next week after the B10k events are complete.