Canoeing Ireland Discipline and Event Calendar 2019

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6th Jan 2019                     Wildwater Racing              Classic Ranking Race – Keith McGuirk Avonmore, Wicklow
20th Jan 2019 Wildwater Racing Sprint Ranking Race – Mickie Brennan Thomastown, Kilkenny
26th Jan 2019 Canoeing Ireland Inaugural Awards Gala and Dinner Lucan Spa Hotel, Dublin  
9th Feb 2019 Wildwater Racing Classic Ranking Race – Ivor Salmon Leap Canoe Club Templemills, Kildare  
16 Feb 2019 Freestyle Intervarsities  – Freestyle (flatwater) Competition (National) Limerick, Limerick
24th Feb 2019  Wildwater Racing Classic Ranking & Selection – Inny KC Inny (2 classic races), Westmeath
9th March 2019 Wildwater Racing Sprint Ranking & Selection – IWWRC Sluice, St Catherines, Lucan, Dublin
09th Mar 2019 Freestyle 2018-2019 WW Race League – Boluisce, Galway Fest Boluisce, Galway
10th Mar 2019 Freestyle Galway Fest – Freestyle Competition (National)Galway Fest  Top Hole, Galway
10th Mar 2019  Freestyle Galway Fest – Boater X WW Race; Galway Fest Corrib, Galway
10th Mar 2019 Wildwater Sprint – Willie Irwin – Ranking and Selection Foxford, Mayo
16 Mar 2019 Freestyle Competition (International) Hurley Classic Hurley, UK
17 Mar 2019 Freestyle Competition (International)Hurley Classic Hurley, UK
23-Mar-2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Ranking Comp One Clare, Donie + Alan Clare , TBC
24-Mar-2019p; PADDLESURF IRELAND Development Squad Training Clare, Donie + Alan Clare TBC
24th Mar 2019 Wildwater Sprint Non ranking Foxford, Mayo
24th Mar 2019 Canoe Slalom Irish Canoe Slalom Open, Sluice Weir, Lucan, Co Dublin
27-Apr-2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND April Training Weekend TBC ; TBC
28-Apr-2019    PADDLESURF IRELAND April Training Weekend  TBC      TBC
11-May-2019  PADDLESURF IRELAND Ranking Comp Two, Kerry TBC      TBC
12-May-2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND  Development Squad Training Kerry   Kerry   TBC
18th May 2019 Canoe Marathon Junior Liffey Descent Salmon Leap Canoe Club, Kildare to Canoeing Ireland Training Centre, Dublin
23rd-26th May, 2019 Canoe Slalom ICF Senior Canoe Sprint World Cup 1 Poznan, Poland
23rd-26th May, 2019 Canoe Slalom ICF Senior ECA Paracanoe European Championships Poznan, Poland.
25th May 2019 CanoeingIreland Canoeing Ireland Annual General Meeting (Provisional) Dublin
30th May to 2nd June 2019 Canoe Slalom Senior European Slalom Championships, Senior Team Pau, France
30th-2nd June 2019 Canoe Marathon World Cup Brevik Norway
31st May-2nd June, 2019; Canoe Sprint ICF Senior Canoe Sprint World Cup 2, Duisburg, Germany,.
1st June 2019 Independent Ocean to City Race Cork
21st-30th June, 2019 Canoe Sprint European Games Minsk, Belarus.
04th July to 7 July 2019 Canoe Slalom Junior and U 23 European Slalom Championships,  Junior & U23 Team Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovenia
11th July-14th July, 2019 Canoe Sprint ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships,  Racice, Czech Republic,.
16th July to 21st July2019 Canoe Slalom Junior and U 23 World Slalom Championships, Junior & U23 Team Krakow, Poland
19th to 26-Jul-2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND World Surf Kayak Championships Peru
20th-21st July, 2019 Canoe Sprint Irish National Sprint Championships, Lough Rynn, Mohill, Co. Leitrim,.
31st – 4th August 2019 Canoe Polo Junior International Belfast
1st-4th August 2019 Canoe Sprint ICF Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships Pitesti, Romania,.
10th Aug 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Summer Session Kerry TBC
11th Aug 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Summer Sessions Kerry   TBC
17th /18th August 2019 Canoe Polo Overload – Junior Development TBC – Mullingar
21st-25th August, 2019 Canoe Sprint ICF Senior Canoe Sprint World Championships including Paracanoe Szeged, Hungary.
31st August, 2019 Canoe Marathon Lower Liffey Race Salmon Leap Canoe Club, Kildare to The Canoe Centre, Palmerstown
8th/9th Sept 2019 Canoe Polo Irish Open TBC
14th Sept 2019 Canoe Marathon 60th International Liffey Descent Straffan, Kildare to Dublin
21st/22nd Sept 2019 Independent Junior Paddlefest Rathdrum, Wicklow
24th Sept to 29Th Sept 2019 Canoe Slalom Senior World Slalom Championships an Olympic Qualifier, Senior Team La Seu D Urgell, Spain
05th Oct 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Paddlesurf Irish Open Sligo, Donie + Alan Sligo TBC
06th Oct 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Super Sunday Session Donie + Alan Sligo TBC
12th Oct 2019 Independent Cranafest Buncrana, Donegal
16th Nov 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Development Squad Training Clare   TBC
17th Nov 2019 PADDLESURF IRELAND Development Squad Training Clare, TBC

Flow State Issue 3

We have lift off!!

We hope you enjoy the third and final edition of Flow State for 2018. Share it far and wide! Thanks again for all the contributions from across the sport.
Have a great weekend and a very merry Christmas from everyone in Canoeing Ireland.

Flowstate Issue 3

World Surf Kayak Championships 2017

World Surf Kayak Championships 2017

So after 9 days in Portrush, the 2017 World Surf Kayak Championship hosted by CANI and WSKA has come to an end and with it a very mixed bag of weather and surf conditions – everything from 2ft to 12ft!! HP (High Performance) and IC (International Class) boats and paddlers from all over put on some top notch displays. Read more

Home Internationals Report

Last week a full Irish Team traveled to Northern Ireland to compete at the Home Internationals. The home internationals is a Team event between Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Jersey. The Home Internationals was run at East Strand in Portrush run by CANI and the Ulster Paddlesurf Club.

On the day of competition waves were small making for challenging conditions. Weather was sunny with a cool offshore wind. At the competition this year there were five teams taking part. Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

It was great to see all the Irish Team putting everything they had into heats. There was great team spirit on the day everyone helping each other out, carrying boats down the beach and offering great encouragement. Everyone worked hard all day in their heats.

We ended up Second in the competition.Results were as follows.

  1. England
  2. Ireland
  3. Northern Ireland
  4. Wales
  5. Scotland.

We will take all we learned in competing at the Home Internationals and use it for our preparation for the upcoming Worlds Championships in 2017. Surf kayaking in Ireland is in an extremely healthy place. To make the Irish Team there is huge competition for every place in every category.

BIG THANKS to all the Northern Ireland Crew for putting on a great event, Massive thanks to Darragh for getting the hoodys sorted and to Alan O Brien for getting the houses sorted. Thanks to Mike Barry and Darragh Walsh for managing. Lastly thanks to everyone for all the support.


Paddlesurf Update 2015

Paddlesurf Ireland Irish Open, Easkey Left 2015
This years Irish Open was a great success.
The Open was held at Easkey Left, a very famous Irish Surf spot with very nice fast waves.
We ran 39 heats on the day.
There was some top class surfing, great waves and great fun.
For the event, we used the new website, to do registration, payment and results. This made it really easy for us. Thank you to Chris Skardon at Tournr.
Ride Surf Kayak also sent a token for all of our juniors. Thank you Ride for supporting Juniors Surf Kayaking in Ireland.

Full results for the day can be found here:

Photo’s for the Day can be found here:

Paddlesurf Ireland @ British Open________________

Paddlesurf Ireland members, Aisling Griffin, Mike Barry and Darragh Walsh all traveled to this years Ride Surfkayaks British Open.
The competition was held at Freshwater West in Wales.
The competition was friendly, had a great atmosphere and there was excellent surfing from all competitors, making a very close competition on the day.

We had great results for Paddlesurf Ireland
Aisling Griffin took first place in both HP and IC ladies.
Mike Barry made it to Semi Finals in IC and to Quarter Finals in HP
Darragh Walsh made it to Quarter Finals in HP, an excellent result for Darragh who ‘s surfing is always improving.

It was a great event, many thanks to Tim and Kelly Thomas, and Ride Surf Kayaks for running the day, and to Chris Skardon at Tournr for providing a great entry system.

Photos can be found @

Level 3 Paddlesurf Instructor Assimilation 21st/22nd November

Level 3 Paddlesurf Instructor Assimilation
Dates: November 21st & 22nd.
Venue: Enniscrone, Co. Sligo.
Requirements: Hold a level 3 instructorship in another discipline as well as a minimum of either 5 ranking surf competitions or 5 days coaching paddlesurf in the last 2 years.

Cost: €100.

Apply by: November 7th.

This assimilation involves an assessment of candidates personal skill level – this must be at least equivalent to the level 4 paddlesurf skills award – as well as sessions on coaching and rescue in the surf environment. Candidates should also be familiar with the Level 3 Paddlesurf Instructor syllabus. Please note that this is a surf specific coaching and leadership award and as such must be completed in a surf specific craft (surf kayak or waveski).

All bookings through the Canoeing Ireland office:

All bookings must be accompanied by an application form. Please include a summary of your Paddlesurf experience to date with your application.

Club Champs Prizes Announced

We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs at this years club championships with thanks to our incredible sponsors I-Canoe, Great Outdoors, Cotswold Outdoor, Dagger, Palm, Peak UK and Pyranha.

It’s not too late to register your club or as an individual to take part in this great weekend.  Registration is open until 9am on Wednesday 18th March.  Registration and event details can be found here.




I-Canoe and Peak UK are generously supporting the event by sponsoring a full set of five custom Club Championships Polo Buoyancy Aids for the top performing Polo Team.







I-Canoe and Peak UK will be sponsoring two custom Club Championship Cag Decks  for the top performing Slalom Team.






Palm and Dagger have come together to generously sponsor 12 sets of club spec paddles, buoyancy aids and cags as well as a junior kayak to be distributed between the top performing clubs at this years club championships.


Cotswold Outdoor will be sponsoring €400 in vouchers for their new irish website  These vouchers will be distributed between the top overall performing athletes in Mens and Womens Under 16’s, Under 18’s, Seniors and Masters.

We are waiting to hear from Great Outdoors and Pyranha on the final set of prizes but you can be sure you won’t be disappointed.

We will also have a range of spot prizes and goodies over the course of the weekend.

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