Club Championships Points System

There will be classes for juniors and seniors in each discipline.  All classes with more than 5 clubs entered will contribute to the Club Championship Score board.

The Points System

As with any competition, there needs Club Championships Canoeing Irelandto be a winner and the Club Champs is no different!  For the Club Championships we’ve devised a point system that we feel to be the fairest method for all competitors!

Class Points

First place in each class in any event will get awarded 100 ‘class points’ pretty simple so far.  Here is where it gets a little more complicated so read carefully – The 100 points are then divided by the number of people who entered that class to create the points interval between positions. The points are distributed to the remaining places on that basis. We call it an inverse proportional scoring system and is the fairest way to score the competitions.

It’s simpler than it sounds – We promise! Easiest way to understand it is with examples!

So if 100 people enter a class (take for instance Senior Mens GP) then we get intervals of 1 point between competitors (100 points ÷ 100 participants = 1). So first place gets 100 points, second place get 99 points, third place 98 points…..The person coming in 100th place will get 1 point.

However, if 5 people enter a class (Say Womens C1 Slalom), we’ll get point intervals of 20 points (100 points ÷ 5 participants = 20). Therefore first place gets 100 points, second place gets 80 points, third place gets 60 points….5th place gets 20 points.  And who said you’d never use Junior Cert Maths!

In this way, every paddler on the water will contribute and count! Everyone counts, from first to last and everybody in between.  Another benefit is that all of the 1st positions are weighted the same – be they mens, womens, juniors, K1, C1 etc. We hope that this will encourage your participation across the board and that everyone will assist their club to get some much needed points.

Discipline Points

Once the individual class points are calculated, each clubs discipline points will be calculated – The ‘discipline points’ a club scores in a discipline are simply a sum of all of the ‘class points’ the members of that club has achieved in the discipline.  Clubs will then be ranked in each discipline – Will you come out on top at Surf, or is your Club better when it comes to Slalom? It’s all to be played for!

Championship Points

To finish each club will be awarded the all important Championship points – these will determine the podium finishes of the Club Champs.  Championship points will be allocated in a similar way to class points.  First place in each discipline will be awarded 100 ‘championship points’.  The 100 points will then be divided by the number of clubs who entered that discipline to create the points interval between positions and points distributed to the remaining places on that basis as per the class points system.

The club with the most Championship points at the end of the weekend will be the Club Champions!