Surf Results

Note that classes are sometimes combined to meet the minimum 3 club entries to qualify for club champs points.  Some classes didn’t have enough entries to qualify for Club Champs Points.

Surf International Class
Bib NoClubNameGenderClassPositionClass Points
57Phoenix Kayak ClubJamie O’BrienMaleYU161100
240Tullamore Canoe ClubOwen BrackenMaleYU16425
292Kilcullen Canoe ClubAaron ThorpeMaleYU16350
296Kilcullen Canoe ClubRonan FoleyMaleYU16275
43Phoenix Kayak ClubAlan O’BrienMaleSenior10*Not enough Entries


Surf High Performance Class
Bib NoClubNameGenderClassPositionClass Points
241Tullamore Canoe ClubSarah BrackenFemaleU1810*Not enough Entries
57Phoenix Kayak ClubJamie O’BrienMaleYU1610*Not enough Entries
43Phoenix Kayak ClubAlan O’BrienMaleSenior1100
44Phoenix Kayak ClubConor LehaneMaleSenior280
48Phoenix Kayak ClubDenis QueallyMaleSenior440
82Phoenix Kayak ClubSteven DarbyMaleMaster280
265Wild Water Kayak ClubNiall PowerMaleMaster520


Surf Wave Ski
Bib NoClubNameGenderClassPositionClass Points
241Tullamore Canoe ClubSarah BrackenFemaleU1810* Not enough entries
57Phoenix Kayak ClubJamie O’BrienMaleYU1610* Not enough entries
240Tullamore Canoe ClubOwen BrackenMaleYU1620* Not enough entries
43Phoenix Kayak ClubAlan O’BrienMaleSenior10* Not enough entries