GDPR Timeline for Canoeing Ireland

Timeline for Canoeing Ireland and GDPR

The timeline for Canoeing Ireland to implement the GDPR recommendations are as follows:

  1. All individuals who are more than 5 yrs expired and have no skills linked to their profile or have no CI membership logged to their profile will be deleted from the database by Sulware.
  2. An email will be sent from the CI database to opt in to have your profile and qualifications deleted from CI.
  3. An email will be sent from the CI database to opt in to have your current profile deleted from the database and please be aware that if you do delete your account, all records linked to that account including any qualifications will be lost.
  4. Please see attached sample Club member consent form.
  5. CI create GDPR statement template to send out to clubs to sign and return proving compliance.
  6. Timeline of completion of GDPR will be a six week process for the database and Canoeing Ireland.
  7. 1st contact – Engage with the system email to all on DB asking to contact CI or your records will be deleted.
  8. 2nd Contact – review and resend.
  9. 3rd Contact – you will be deleted by 6th July 2018.
  10. Email twice with 3rd contact to state you will be deleted by 6th July 2018 if you do not engage.
  11. GDPR button for Secretaries to allow them to send Head office a list of the Club members opting in for deletion.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in head office.

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