Liffey Centre Bridging Club

The primary aim of the Liffey Centre Bridging Club is the promotion of the sport by giving novice paddlers opportunities to progress their paddling skills through guided river trips It aims to provide a safe learning environment to improve and develop members’ skills, co-ordination, physical health, awareness of nature and access to Ireland’s wealth of navigable waterways.


Based on the banks of the River Liffey at Canoeing Ireland Training Centre the Club’s location is on the Strawberry Beds, downstream of Wren’s Nest Weir and upstream of Palmerstown Weir. This makes it ideal for paddlers to benefit both from flat and rough water conditions in an area of natural beauty.

Our Goal
The objective of Liffey Centre Bridging Club is to provide further opportunities for novice paddlers to
progress their paddling skills following some basic training. The Club aims to act as a “bridge” for those who have undertaken some basic training and who wish to gain more experience before committing to joining a mainstream club or to becoming an independent paddler. Liffey Centre Bridging Club is not a mainstream club and membership is for one year only. It is envisaged that at the end of the year members should be better equipped to joining one of the mainstream clubs.

Club Activities

The club aims to organise regular guided river trips locally along the River Liffey on Sundays. It may also organise trips on the River Boyne or further afield on the Avonmore in County Wicklow as well sea kayaking trips in Dublin Bay. Members will be encouraged to develop their skills through further training being offered by the Training Centre


Membership is open to anyone who has successfully completed a Level 2 Kayak Skills training course and who is over 18 years of age

Membership is for one year only and cannot be renewed.

Members can avail of Training Centre kayaks and all necessary safety equipment (e.g. paddle , PFD , Cagoule , wetsuit ,helmet and spraydeck) whilst on club trips


The Annual Membership fee is €50 which includes annual membership of Canoeing Ireland , insurance and administration.

River Trips: Club members can avail of discounted river trip fee of €35 which is 35 % discount on standard fee. For any members who have all their own equipment the fee is €25

For more information please email