General Aims

The RSR 1 can be a half day course or can be run modularly over a number of sessions, designed for people who wish to undertake relevant training in Safety and Rescue Techniques appropriate for Grade I water. The RSR 1 aims to develop a culture of safety, awareness, and proactive accident prevention in canoe sports in Ireland.

It is recommended that RSR 1 certification be renewed at least once every 5 years.

Attendance Requirements

Requirements for attending an RSR 1 Assessment –

  • The RSR 1 course should be delivered and run on water of Grade I difficulty.

  • It is recommended that RSR 1 certification be renewed at least once every 5 years.
  • Level 2 Instructors or higher can run the Award
  • Must be a Canoeing Ireland member

The RSR 1 aims to enable candidates to:

1. Understand the appropriate equipment for Grade I water

2. Develop an understanding of Safe Practices on Grade I water

3. Execute self-rescue on Grade I water

4. Rescue of others in Grade I water

5. Rescue of equipment in Grade I water

Course Outline

This is designed to be a flexible course depending on trainee’s needs and previous experience levels-notwithstanding this core elements of the syllabus must include:

  • Personal Equipment for Grade I
  • Fundamental Hydrology
  • Safe practices and accident prevention methods – CLAP
    • Communication
    • Line of Sight
    • Avoidance
    • Positioning
  • Risk Assessment & Decision Making on Grade I water
  • Safety Zones & Leadership
  • Safe Travelling Methods:
    1. Follow the Leader
    2. Herd and Drive
    3. Leap Frog
  • Safe order of Priority – STIG
  • Self-Rescue – Offensive swimming in Grade I with equipment
  • Systematic approach to a rescue: Talk, Reach, Throw, Row, Go, Helo:
    1. Talk – Command words
    2. Reach – Reaching techniques
    3. Throw – Throw rope rescues
    4. Row – x- rescue, unconscious rescue, tows, bow & stern carries
    5. Go – Water based unconscious casualty rescue
    6. Helo – Making emergency calls to rescue services

Course Documents

Assessment Guidelines
RSR 1 Skills Sheet
Equipment List