Slalom Selection Documentation 2019

Irish Canoe Slalom Selection Policy 2019 Final Ver2019_04_02

2019 ICS Selection Race – Bulletin 4

2019 Junior Selection & Irish Open Race Bulletin March 23 and 24

ICS Selection Race Bulletin No 3

Irish Canoe Slalom Constitution Rev 2019

Irish Canoe Slalom Selection Policy 2019 2nd Draft

2019 Junior Selection Application Form

2019 U 23 & Senior Selection Application Form

2019 Irish Canoe Slalom Slection Bulletin No 1 Race Notice

ICS Selection 2019 Race Bulletin No. 2

Slalom Accounts for 2018

Irish Canoe Slalom Committee Balance Sheet 2019-01-17-21_22Irish Canoe Slalom Committee Profit and Loss 2019-01-17-21_17

Slalom Bank Ac Reconciliation

Utilisation of the HP grant to Slalom for 2018

Motions/Proposals for Irish Canoe Slalom AGM 19th January, 2019

2019 Irish Canoe Slalom AGM Proposals for updating Constitution

Motion submitted by Maeve & Doc Martin

Slalom Documents

 Irish Canoe Slalom 2018 AGM

The Agenda for the AGM on Saturday the 19th of January 2019 at 5pm in the Canoeing Ireland Training Centre will be as follows

  1. Chairman opens the meeting and ascertains that a quorum is present
  2. Adoption of Standing Orders
  3. Adoption of the Minutes of the last AGM
  4. Committee reports
  5. Motions to be proposed to the meeting
  6. Election of the new Committee
  7. Any Other Business
  8. 2018 Irish Canoe Slalom Division Awards

The meeting will be conducted in accordance with the attached standing orders.

Please note: As per the Irish Canoe Slalom Consitution
Proposals / Motions must be submitted by CI members to the Slalom Secretary via email 7 Days prior to Slalom AGM. Proposals or motions receievd after that date will be deemed void.
Proposals / Motions and Accounts will be posted on CI / Slalom page of website 5 days in advance of  Slalom AGM
Attendees are reminded that each person seeking to cast a vote must present proof of Canoeing Ireland membership.
Best Wishes,

Kris Kohls

Irish Canoe Slalom Secretary

Children First Act  2015

Canoe Slalom Child Safeguarding Statement-1

2018 Slalom Selection Form- click on link below

2018 Selection Application Form

Canoe Slalom Constitution- Please click on link below – Updated

Constitution of Irish Canoe Slalom 2016_12_17

Slalom 2017 AGM Information – Below clink on link to review information

ICS 2017 HP Athlete Coaching Supplement

2017 Slalom Year end accounts final

Irish Canoe Slalom Standing Orders for Annual General Meeting

Motions for Slalom AGM from Brian O’Herlihy

Motion for Slalom AGM from Maeve and David Martin

AGM Motions from Elizabeth OFerrall