Canoe Ocean


Canoe Ocean Racing is a long distance competition discipline of paddlesports taking place along the coastline, navigating ocean swells and waves to be the first across the line. A mix of fitness and knowledge of the sea is needed to succeed in Ocean Racing, to be able to pick your line through the waves, and have the strength to stay on it. The specialised boats used in ocean racing come in both single and double, with competitions taking place in both.


Races in Canoe Ocean racing take place over long distances along coastlines around the world. In these races athletes must battle the wind, waves and swell, all while racing as hard as the can. Successful athletes in Ocean Racing are often come from both the worlds of canoe marathon and from surf life saving. This is a very popular discipline in coastal areas around the world who enjoy a warm climate, but is an excellent discipline to practise in Ireland with our miles of beautiful coastline.

Type of Boat

Ocean Racing Kayaks are purpose built to travel as fast as possible through waves and swells. Called ‘Surf Skis’ they are some of the fastest craft in paddlesports, offering incredible speeds while paddling downwind surfing swells or waves. Surf skis are sit on top style to avoid being swamped in waves and come in both single and double kayak. The same boats are used in Canoe Ocean Racing and surf lifesaving.