Disability Inclusion in Paddlesports

The Paddle Able programme is aimed at promoting the inclusion of people with additional support needs in paddlesports. As part of this we have some extremely inspirational ambassadors leading the way for people with a wide range of abilities engaging in paddlesports. These powerful stories are in inspiration to those with additional needs looking to get out on the water. Check them out below –

Disability Inclusion in Clubs

Help your club become more inclusive by following these steps –


Sport Inclusion Disability Charter

Help us become a more inclusive sport and sign up to the Active Disability Ireland Charter. Signing up means that people with disabilities will recognise your club as working towards inclusivity and being welcoming to all. Active Disability Ireland are the NGB for Sport inclusion in Ireland and they have some brilliant resources available. Check out the Cara Disability Fact Sheets.


Inclusion in Paddlesports Workshops

We have 3 webinars recorded which cover the topics: Disability Awareness in Paddlesports, Autism Awareness in Paddlesports & Physical Disability Awareness in Paddlesports. These include individuals with autism and a wheelchair user, as well as some of the top instructors in the field speaking from their experience.

Disability Awareness and Inclusion

Autism Awareness in Paddlesports

Physical Disabilities in Paddlesports


Canoeing Ireland developed the Good2Go Award which is perfectly suitable for people of all abilities to get started with paddlesports. It can be taught on any paddlesports craft, and focuses on the personal benefits of paddlesports! Try this with groups/individuals if the general awards are not suitable or too technical heavy to start with.


Stay Connected! Join the Paddle Able Community Facebook group to connect with other clubs, providers, groups and individuals who are progressing paddlesports for people of all abilities. Ask for advice, give advice and learn from each other. Join the group below –


Connect with local and national organisations to help preparing for different people who you are encouraging to join your club –

If you have any further questions or wish to connected directly with any of these organisations please contact emer@canoe.ie

Paddle Able

The PaddleAble programme aims to enable more opportunities for people with disabilities to find longevity in paddlesports within their community. If you want to run a Paddle Able Programme in your club and need support, please contact emer@canoe.ie

Programme Aims


Enable more opportunities for people with disabilities to find longevity in paddlesports within their community.


Increase opportunities for people with disabilities to join local clubs.


Encourage and support more clubs to engage with people in their community who have additional needs