Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to inspire and enable full participation and performance in all Paddlesports for everyone. Our mission is to increase participation in Paddlesports by improving accessibility and equivalence by reducing barriers to entry to Paddlesports as we recognise the value of participation at all levels and promote the sport in all its forms to everyone.

Statement of Equality

At Canoeing Ireland, both organisation and staff believe that all people, irrespective of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, social status, religious beliefs or sexual orientation, are entitled to enjoy the benefits of improved physical and mental health resulting from their participation in sport and physical activity.

Inclusivity is a reflection of our behaviours, standards and ethics. We are committed to working towards creating a culture of equity and inclusivity by exploring and improving access, attitude, perceptions, visibility, choice, partnerships, communication, and opportunities. Consistency of approach and language will move us from simply valuing inclusion to a position of normalising inclusion in our day-to-day activities, particularly for under-represented groups.

Canoeing Ireland is committed to complying with the Equal Status Act 2000-2012, the Disability Act 2005, and Article 30.5 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Values

InclusivityOur work will at all times be inclusive, allow for diversity and promote equality
PassionWe will create a positive, enjoyable experience promoting fun in our activities
ExcellenceWe pursue excellence in everything we do and strive to achieve the highest standards
IntegrityWe are open, ethical and transparent and operate to the highest level of good governance and integrity
InspirationWe adopt a communal approach in that we, as an organisation, value the voices of all our members, which reflects our approaches to equality as we strive to empower and inspire our members.
RespectWe respect all whom we work with and work for and treat everyone with dignity

Canoeing Ireland is guided by and will commit to:

• Meeting the objectives pertaining to People with Disability as detailed in the National Sports Policy (2018 – 2027)

• Meeting the objectives of Sport Ireland’s Policy on Participation in Sport by People with Disabilities (2021)

• Signing and complying with the Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

• Commitment to achieving the Bronze, Silver & Gold Xessible Awards with Active Disability Ireland.

• Complying with the Sport Ireland Diversity & Inclusion Policy

• Active Disability Ireland and the dissemination of all associated resources and information to all our relevant contacts & stakeholders