Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurance

Period of Cover:

3rd April 2021 – 2nd April 2022

Policy Number:


Summary of Insurance Cover for Registered Members of Canoeing Ireland

What is Public Liability Insurance?

A Public Liability policy protects a policy holder in respect of claims made by members of the public (whereby the policy holder is negligent and legally liable) for accidental Bodily Injury, death or loss of or Damage to material property occurring during the Period of Insurance.

Who is covered?

Irish Canoe Union t/a Canoeing Ireland, Registered Member Clubs and Registered Members

What is the limit of indemnity?

The limit of indemnity is up to €6,500,000 any one incident.

What activities does it cover?

The policy includes cover in respect of the following activities only. If you are involved in any events or activities outside of this or will have any events with attendance of more than 500, please contact Louise McEvoy 01-2026043 in advance.

  • Meetings
  • Canoeing Ireland Managed Events.
  • Partnered Events – all club and discipline committee managed events and activities subject to submission of a risk assessment
  • Training in water and dry land, promotion and development of the sport of Canoeing
  • Taster Sessions
  • Open Trials
  • Open Days
  • Club Social and Fundraising Events including: – Cake Sales, Coffee Mornings, Day Trips, Lectures, Pub Quiz, Race Nights, Social Evenings and Parties
  • Conferences
  • Promotion and development of the sport of canoeing including participation
  • Select, train, and administer competitors to represent Ireland at international events
  • Training and Education courses

Public Liability Accidents / Incidents

Any accidents or incidents which could potentially give rise to a claim under the Public Liability section of the policy need to be notified to Insurers immediately.

Incident report form

Please ensure an Incident Report Form is completed in full and forwarded by email to Barbara McCluskey at ( 01- 2026049) or Louise McEvoy ( 01- 2026043) and c.c. Canoe Ireland at

  • All Instructors must be registered with Canoeing Ireland on the Instructor Registration section of the database in order for insurance cover to be operative.
  • If a club owns their own premises and wishes to lease or rent out their premises to a third party, the Club must obtain proof of the third parties own Public Liability Insurance.
  • The policy excludes any intentional, dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act.
  • If you are unsure whether or not an activity or event is covered, please contact Marsh for clarification.
  • Please note that only registered instructors employed directly by Irish Canoe Union or acting in a voluntary capacity are covered for their activities with your club. If any of your instructors are providing services outside of this, they will require their own insurance cover. If such cover is required, please contact Marsh on 01-2309238.
  • Full compliance with Canoe Ireland policies and procedures (particularly in child welfare and protection) is vital to ensure cover operates.

Personal Accident Insurance

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Cover in respect of death or bodily injury to a registered member solely and directly caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means. Members are covered while participating in a sanctioned activity sponsored, organised or supervised by Canoe Ireland and their Member Clubs.

Who is covered?

All registered members of Canoe Ireland

The following benefits are payable following a valid claim:

Accidental Death€25,000
Loss of one eye or one limb€25,000
Loss of both eyes or two or more limbs of loss of one eye and one limb €25,000
Loss of Speech€25,000
Loss of Hearing in both ears€25,000
Loss of Hearing in one ear€6,250
Permanent Total Disablement (from usual occupation: Applicable to Adults only)€25,000
Permanent Disabling Injury€25,000
Temporary Total Disablement (from usual occupation, not greater than 104 weeks)€0
Temporary Permanent Disablement (from usual occupation, not greater than 104 weeks)€0
Medical Expenses€1,000
Physiotherapist Expenses€250
Medical Expense excess€75

Policy Excess:

€75 each and every claim

What is Permanent Total Disablement?

Means as result of accidental Bodily Injury an insured person is permanently and totally unable to work in gainful employment of any and every kind which in all probability will continue for the remainder of the insured person’s natural life.

What is Permanent Partial Disablement?

Means that as a result of accidental Bodily Injury, the Insured Person suffers a complete or partial loss or loss of use of a part of the body, or partial loss of use of the body as a whole within 24 months from the date of the Accident.

Main Exclusions:

  • Intentional Self Injury
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Suicide or attempted suicide
  • Criminal acts or attempts to commit a criminal act.
  • An accident proved to have occurred due to the influence of alcohol and / or any drugs which have been taken by an Insured Person which were not prescribed by a Medical Practitioner and / or where any prescribed drugs have been taken by the Insured Person contrary to a manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Any Bodily Injury or Sickness that existed prior to the Period of Insurance.

Personal Accident Incidents/ Claims

How to Claim:

Please ensure a Personal Accident Claim Form is completed in full and forwarded by email to Barbara McCluskey at ( 01- 2026049) or Louise McEvoy ( 01- 2026043) and c.c. Canoe Ireland at

Personal Accident Claim Form

Once this information is received Marsh will send you a claim form which must be fully completed and returned together with all relevant medical reports, receipts and invoices for any medical expenses incurred.

Club Insurance Requirements

Club Property Insurance

The policy arranged by Canoe Ireland does not include cover in respect of your club’s property / equipment. If your club has any property / equipment for which insurance cover is required, you can arrange this directly with Marsh by contacting John Mc Dermott on 01- 2026051.