Summary of Insurance Cover for Registered Members of Canoeing Ireland

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance protects registered Canoeing Ireland Members and Affiliated Clubs against claims by third parties for property damage and/or bodily injury as a result of any negligence on the part of the affiliated Club and/or its registered members. The cover applies to all sanctioned activities of the sport including:

Fund Raising

Open Days

Club Competitions

Worldwide trips and tours

The policy also covers:

Protection for all trustees, committees, officials and individual members

Automatic indemnity to the owners of venues used

The excess applicable is €1,000 for each and every claim and this is to be paid by the member involved in any claim.

Any Club or Organisation that own property and rent out their facilities to other Clubs or organisations require additional cover to provide protection against claims should a member of this organisation be injured whilst on their premises and is subject to an additional premium.

This policy excludes claims attributed/arising from non-registered Canoeing Ireland members/clubs.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident covers all registered Canoeing Ireland members of each affiliated Club (including committee members, coaches and officials) for a range of benefits payable in the event of an accidental injury during participation, including training and travelling to and from events or training sessions. Training is deemed to be official sanctioned training only. Travelling is only covered whilst as a member of an organised party under the direction of the Insured, and specifically excludes any travel by motorcycle.

Summary of benefits for members up to the age of 65:

Summary of benefits for members aged 66 to 75:

Summary of benefits for members over the age of 75:

Claims Procedure:

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