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Summary of Insurance Cover for Registered Members of Canoeing Ireland

Who is covered?

All registered members and affiliated clubs of Canoeing Ireland. Clubs and members must be registered with Canoeing Ireland on the membership system at the time of an incident for cover to apply.

Types of cover:

  1. Public Liability
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Personal Accident

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

  • Public Liability insurance covers you for your legal liability to a third party for damages to property and/or bodily injury resulting from your negligence.

What is the limit of indemnity?

  • Limit of indemnity €6,500,000 any one claim.

    What does Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

    • Professional Indemnity insurance covers you for professional advice given to a third party which leads to a financial loss.

    What is the limit of indemnity?

    • Limit of indemnity €1,300,000.

      What does Personal Accident Insurance cover?

      • Personal Accident insurance is a benefit given towards members medical expenses following an accident while participating in the sport. There is also a benefit payment towards serious disabling injuries and death, for full list of benefits please contact Canoeing Ireland.

        Club Sanctioned Activities: Club Management, on completion of a local risk assessment, can deem an activity to be safe and therefore covered by insurance. This insurance cover is related only to normal club activities, one off events will need to be indemnified as normal. Any decision made by a club to authorise an activity must be defensible and based on a thorough risk assessment. Once the necessary safety precautions are taken club management are not liable for accident or injury. No activity should be sanctioned that contravenes the normal safety rules of Canoeing Ireland e.g. mandatory buoyancy aids etc.

        • Am I covered under Canoeing Irelands Travel Insurance when I travel abroad? Canoeing Irelands travel insurance only covers trips arranged by canoeing Ireland and will cover members and support staff. If a member or club arranges a trip themselves it is recommended they take out their own travel insurance.
        • I am a coach/instructor am I covered to teach as a member of Canoeing Ireland? All Coaches/Instructors teaching on behalf of Canoeing Ireland or a member club are covered for public liability and professional indemnity. Coaches/instructors that train outside of Canoeing Ireland or member clubs and use a trading name are insured for up to a Turnover of €30,000 per annum, if their turnover exceeds this amount or they trade as a Limited Company they are not covered by this insurance and will need to seek their own separate Insurance.
        • How do I make a Personal Accident claim? Please contact Canoeing Ireland for an incident report form, this can then be completed and sent back to Canoeing Ireland to verify membership. They will then send to Arachas who will be in direct contact with next steps.
        • I need a letter of indemnity for an event we are hosting, who do I contact? With your membership you will receive a certificate of insurance with an indemnity to principal clause on it. This means that insurers will automatically indemnify any venue or local authority that needs to be indemnified on your insurance.
        • How do I make a claim. Email to or
        • How long do I have to make a claim from time of injury? We would recommend you make contact within 31 days.
        • Is there a full policy wording available? Yes, email for a copy of the policy.