Safeguarding in Clubs

  • Clubs must comply with all Canoeing Ireland Safeguarding policies and procedures. Governance Documents
  • Clubs must have a Children’s Officer (for any clubs interacting with minors, either as members or providing training/events for U18’s)

Garda Vetting

In order to abide by the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 and Canoeing Ireland’s Safeguarding Policy all adults must be vetted prior to working or volunteering with children or vulnerable persons.

Canoeing Ireland Supporting Safeguarding in Clubs

Please be aware that when you send your paper application to Canoeing Ireland, you will then be contacted via email from the Garda Vetting Bureau to complete your Garda Vetting online.

The process within the office is as follows:

  • Once the form is received by Canoeing Ireland.
  • The vetting System sends invite to Applicant.
  • Applicant has 30 days to complete the process.
  • If the process online is not completed the application expires
  • When the process is completed Canoeing Ireland will update the applicants profile on the database.
  • Otherwise a new application has to be created.

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 makes it mandatory for people working with children or vulnerable adults to be vetted by Canoeing Ireland through the Garda Síochána National Vetting Bureau. Canoeing Ireland have been Garda Vetting applicants for over 5 years. Due to the level of administration required in the processing of Garda Vetting applications, many NGB’s charge €10-€15 for this service. This is a FREE service for Canoeing Ireland members, subject to an unflawed application.

Flawed and incomplete applications increase the levels of time and administration needed to complete the service. With this in mind, as of 1st August 2018 applicants will incur a €10 charge per application if the applicant submits a flawed or incomplete form. Also, if the applicant does not complete the online element of the Garda Vetting process within the 30 day limit and the application has to be resubmitted, the €10 fee will be incurred.

Canoeing Ireland now only uses E Vetting. Only the forms linked to on this page can be processed. There is a guide to the E Vetting process below.

The E Vetting Process

Completing a CI Verification Form and Vetting invitation form NVB 1

**N.B.: If the online process is not completed and the application expires, a new application with a fee of €10 applies. The fee will also be applied if incomplete or flawed applications are received **

Step 1 – CI Garda Vetting ID Verification Form: Fill in form and have an original form of; proof of ID and Proof of residential address, use attached form to achieve 100 pts then bring to a responsible person to validate your identity. * Responsible person; Garda, Doctor, Principal, Manager, Solicitor et al.

Step 2 – Make Copies of your forms: that you used to prove your address and Identity.

Step 3 – Fill in Form Vetting Invitation (NVB1) and ID verification form – It is imperative that the E Vetting invitation form is filled in correctly. Name, DOB, email, address et al. If the form has any errors, or is illegible, it will be returned to you and a new form will need to be completed. Each Applicant should ensure that all information is complete and the Identification section has been signed and dated.

*If you are under the age of 18, you must use your parents email address and phone number on forms Also Fill in Parent Consent form, Parental consent form NVB 3.

*Make sure you sign form and tick box to allow process to commence.

*When asked what organisation is applying for the certs, please enter CANOEING IRELAND.

Step 4 – ID Verification page, Form Vetting Invitation (NVB1) and ID verification form and Copies of your Identity and Address to: Canoeing Ireland – Liaison Officer – Irish Sport HQ, National Sports Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Step 5 – On receipt by CI, the Vetting invitation is received by the LP, the LP Verifies your Role and CI Membership, then enters the submitted details onto the Garda Vetting Website. This will result in the applicant receiving an email to invite them to complete the online vetting form.

Step 6- The Applicant will receive an email from the NVB to commence with the online vetting. You will be required to have your reference number to hand to start. Once on line, the applicant will need to complete all aspects of the form. If you have ever lived in Northern Ireland, you will be required to have all postal codes for addresses. If you do not put in correct details, your form will be rejected and you will have to start the process again.

Step 7- Once you have completed the form CI will be notified and the LP will verify details submitted and then send to NVB for processing. Applicants will be able to check the process of their vetting application by logging onto the NVB website using their application reference number.

Step 8- Canoeing Ireland will receive confirmation on successful vetting from the National Vetting Bureau, your details will be updated in the Canoeing Ireland Database.

The full Canoeing Ireland Garda Vetting Process is available here.

For queries relating to Garda Vetting please contact:

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