Commercial Providers

Ireland has a well-established network of quality canoe and paddle sports providers. Doing a training course with a quality provider is an excellent and safe way to be introduced to the sport of canoeing or to build on your existing skill sets.

Since 2018, Canoeing Ireland has made the Quality Assurance and Safety Standards document available throughout Ireland and will be available to all providers who wish to appear on the Canoeing Ireland system and be considered registered Canoeing Ireland providers. This registration and validation process will cost โ‚ฌ150.00 per provider per year.

Quality Assurance and Safety Standards
Registered Provider Application

The provider map will be edited and will reflect all the providers who have signed up to the document and standards. To access the provider, click on the provider location for their web address where you will find their contact details.

If you are a provider and would like to see your business added to the map of providers please contact to discuss becoming a Canoeing Ireland provider.

Registered Provider List
Provider Map