Starting a Club

Canoeing Ireland201402030043If you find that there is no club in your area that caters for your chosen canoeing discipline, you may choose to start your own club.

Before you become a club, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Discussed with a Canoeing Ireland staff members what you want out of the club and what Canoeing Ireland can do for the club.
  2. Club Affiliation Form sent to CI office –
  3. Club Constitution sent to CI office –
  4. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, safety officer (if allowing minors into the club, Childrens officer).
  5. Risk Assessment and Safety Statement for the Club and for engagement with Minors or vulnerable adults.
  6. Minimum of 5 people against the club on the Canoeing Ireland Database.
  7. Submit to the GDPR recommendations of Canoeing Ireland.

Considerations for Club Management

Recruiting a good committee, with a varied skill set, is imperative as it ensures that not all work is left to one person but is managed and shared, ensuring more efficient running of the club.

The role of the club management is to:

  1. Ensure the club operates within best practice guidelines for governance and safety including:
    1. Developing and adopting appropriate policies and practices.
    2. Ensuring activities are safe and inclusive.
    3. Oversee club finances.
    4. Implement best practice in relation to child safeguarding.
    5. Develop a health and safety statement and policy.
  2. Recruit sufficient volunteers to ensure that the workload can be shared and delegated.
  3. Create a development plan for the club.

Committee & Structure

It is essential to recruit a full committee for the club.  An appropriate structure is paramount and should be chosen based on the size of the club.  Essential personnel include:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Safety Officer
  5. Children’s Officer if working with minors)

Club Governance Documents

Further information and templates for club governance documents is available from the links below:

Club Resource pack (to be updated)

Club Affiliation Form

Sample Club Membership Form

Sample Club Constitution

Sample Club GDPR Privacy Policy

Sample Club GDPR Privacy Statement

There is support available for clubs from Canoeing Ireland:

Sheena Carroll:  Governance, Policies, Database interaction, billing:

Ciarán Maguire:  Events and Development:

Graham Connor:  Developing capacity & capabilities:

Aidan Doran:  Training requirements (Awards Scheme):

(Canoeing Ireland Board have the right to refuse membership.)


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