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Freestyle Meeting Minutes

Irish Freestyle AGM minutes 2015

Date: 7/3/2015
Location: Spiddal, Galway.

Committee reports from the year.
Election of new committee
Motions submitted

Results of Motions:
Motion to separate Irish Freestyle and the running of the Irish Whitewater League – Defeated.
Motion to allow video entries for team trials in the event that someone can’t attend the competition – Defeated.
Motion to introduce a minimum points requirement to qualify for the national team – Defeated.
Motion to replace the ‘Competitions Officer’ committee position with a ‘Whitewater Calender Coordinator’ and a ‘Freestyle Calender Coordinator’ – Passed.

Results of Elections:
The 2015/2016 Irish Freestyle committee is:
Chairperson – Shane Little
Secretary – Eoin Keyes
Treasurer – David Higgins
PRO – Aisling Brenan
Womens & Juniors Rep – Barry Loughnane
Freestyle Calender Coordinator – Bradley Skidmore
Whitewater Calender Coordinator – Andrew Regan

The main conclusion of discussions at the meeting was that we need to resurrect some of the smaller freestyle comps, such as Cork and Stackallen and not just focus on the big ones at Tuam/Gower/Sluice etc. So if anyone has a small local freestyle spot that they would be interested in having a competition at please get in touch!

If anyone has any questions or queries please contact

Eoin (Secretary, Irish Freestyle)