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How to Become a Referee

Know the Rules

Read the current edition of the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Canoe Polo Rules. A referee should also complete the ICF Canoe Polo Online Referee course which is a useful tool on the rules.

Referee Course

Attending a referee course is invaluable. At these courses an experienced referee will take you through the current ICF canoe polo rules and answer any questions you may have. If you are an individual/club and are interested in attending, or hosting, a canoe polo referee course please contact:

Initial Assessment

In order to become a trainee referee you must attain 75% in the Irish National Canoe Polo Referee Examination. The examination is in paper format and consists of 50 multiple choice questions relating to the current edition of the ICF Canoe Polo Rules. Aspiring referees can sit the examinations on completion of a referee course or at designated competitions.

Practice and Shadowing

A referee has to be shadowed by a qualified referee in order to be assessed to become a referee. Shadowing is were a referee sits on your shoulders and advices you on the calls that are made during a game.

Try to get as much practice in as you can by refereeing game at any tournament, or even at your own training sessions.

Read an refer to the rules continuously. if you have nay queries relating to rules contact the refereeing officer at

Assessment in Situ

 In order to move up in the national grading you must be assessed by a Grade 1 referee during a game. This is a practical assessment and as such there is no percentage mark, but is at the discretion of the Referee doing the assessment. It is not scheduled, and will be conducted during the relevant competition whilst the practicing referee is refereeing a game. These assessments can occur during any competition.

Continuing Assessment

Grade 1 Referees continuously observe and assess Grade 2,3 & trainee referees. The Grade 1 referee may increase/decrease these grades at their own discretion. All Grade 3 and trainee referees will be required to re-sit the Irish referee examination every 2 years (from the date of their first test). the pass rate for the written examination is 75%.