Stand Up

Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a fun and easy way to get out on the water. If you get a beginners board it is super easy to get started and out paddling. All you need is a board with an appropriate leash, a paddle and a buoyancy aid. SUP is an extremely wide ranging discipline, with options for casual paddles to experience our wonderful scenery from a unique perspective, with a competition side to paddleboarding taking place in races across a number of disciplines.


Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing forms of recreational exercise, with the ease of getting out on the water attracting a lot of new entrants to the sport. SUP offers both a way of getting out and enjoying the benefits of the outdoors and a unique method of getting some exercise. If you’re trying out SUP for the first time make sure you make safety a priority when getting out on the water, to find some easy safety tips see our safety section.


Racing in SUP takes place internationally under the ICF. Racing categories include all kinds of boards across various distances. The guidelines for race distances are –

  • Sprint: Women and men maximum 250m
  • Distance: Women and men between 5km to 35km.
  • Technical Race: Women and men between 800m to 5km.

Types of Boards

Stand up paddlebaords come in many types for all kinds of use. Inflatable boards are the most popular and generally cheaper option, they are aimed for use on flatwater and small surf. Solid boards are generally more technical to paddle and aimed at competition and surf usage. Whatever board you chose must have an appropriate leash to ensure your safety when on the water.

If you are getting out on the water on a paddleboard please ensure you have an appropriate leash, a buoyancy aid and a method of calling for help. For more safety information see our safety section.