General Aims

To develop an award to highlight the benefits of paddle sports.

To develop an award that does not focus on technical skills acquisition.

To create an award that is adaptable, learner centred and achievable.

Can be achieved by any demographic on any paddle sport craft.

Who can run this Award?

Any Canoeing Ireland qualified, valid and registered instructor can run this award, if they adhere to the scope of their qualification and only operate in an environment that they are qualified to operate in.

  • Instructors wishing to run this Award should register with Canoeing Ireland to do so in order to obtain the instructor resource pack and to gain access to certification.
  • The instructors must also consider the participants that will be involved in the award and choose a location that is best suited to meeting the needs of the participants.
  • Instructors will also be encouraged to attend CPD’s and Workshops to increase their skill sets to deliver these programs if they feel the need to do so.

Achieving the Award

  • Interested party contacts and liaises with facilitator.
  • Facilitator assess the correct level of programme.
  • Instructor organises sessions
    with the group/ individual.
  • Instructor keeps track of the
    sessions in on the reflective
    section of the cert.
  • If the aims are met the instructor
    prints the certs and
    signs off.
  • Participants are registered
    with Canoeing Ireland.
    Participants retain cert to
    complete further modules later


  • Help the participants develop practical elements of paddle sports craft movement.
  • The participant should be active in exploring the paddle sports craft movement
  • The instructor should explore concepts of physical literacy and the ABC’s of movements and how they relate to paddle sports.
  • The instructors should seek to improve the participants comfort in, on and near the water.
  • The participant should be allowed to explore the use of a PFD and how this can assist in developing confidence.
  • The instructors should help the participants develop a calmness and comfort in their relationship with the water.
  • The instructor should help develop the participants awareness of the risks involved in the water environment as it relates to paddle sports and how those risks can be managed.
  • The participant should be allowed to explore the decision-making process and the factors that influence good decision making in a water environment.
  • Participants should be made aware of how PPE can aid in the safety of a paddle sports participants.
  • Participants should be allowed to explore how environmental factors may have a bearing on their safety, examples may be, but not limited to weather, water levels and water temperature.
  • The participant should be exposed to the wellbeing benefits of paddle sports
  • Instructors should allow for the participants to reflect on wellbeing indicators and develop and understanding of how paddle sports can influence these indicators. (active, responsible, connected, resilient, respected and aware.)
  • Instructors should create an atmosphere and ethos where participants can be present in the paddle sports experience.
  • Instructors should look to develop a relationship for the participants with the environment that surrounds their paddle sport experience.
  • Instructors should explore and develop connections between participants and the location of their paddle sports experience.
  • Instructors should make participants aware of how the environment and environmental conditions can influence the paddle sport experience.
  • Instructors should develop peoples understanding of Adventure with practical experiences and information.
  • Participants should be given the opportunity to engage with their own adventure. (that is led or facilitated by the instructors this award does not qualify people to paddle independently)
  • Participants should develop an appreciation of the logistics of adventures and should be guided to make good decisions when part taking in adventurous undertakings

Certs and Handbook

Programme Support

  • Canoeing Ireland will support all affiliated clubs and registered providers with the running of this programme.
  • You will receive a Digital handbook with additional resources and a digital copy of the cert for printing.

Next Steps

Register your interest in providing this award.