General aims

The Sea Kayak Level 4 Adventure Award aims to enable candidates to:

  • Are capable of handling my kayak in L4 conditions. I
  • Can assess the sea/weather conditions and plan a trip safely according to the peer group’s skills.
  • Be a competent paddler capable of good decision making in L4 conditions.
  • Can confidently kayak roll.
  • Competent in chartwork and in navigating over open crossings.
  • Competent in navigating in limited visibility (darkness/fog).
  • Understand the effects on the sea kayak of wind, wave, tide, and coastal features and can adapt a trip to suit these.
  • Summon outside rescue assistance. Understand the paddlers and the group’s effect on the environment and wildlife.
  • Can identify the next step involved in the Canoeing Ireland Sea Kayak Skills Awards.

Attendance Requirements

Requirements for attending a Level 4 Sea Skills assessment:

  • Be a member of Canoeing Ireland.
  • Have obtained the Level 3 Sea Kayak Skills award.
  • Have completed a Level 4 Sea Kayak Training course
  • Have unrestricted access to a fully equipped sea kayak, personal equipment, and additional equipment (see Equipment list).
  • Be a least 16 years of age.
  • Paddlers can choose a single one day assessment, or progressive sign off of modules in their Paddler Profile over time.
  • The paddler is required to be able to demonstrate all knowledge and skills from lower levels, and at a higher standard than that required for the preceding level.

Course Documents