General Aims

The RSR 3 is a two day course or can now be run in a modularised format over several sessions.

This course is designed for intermediate and advance level canoeists who wish to undertake relevant training in River Safety and Rescue techniques appropriate to water of Grade III and above difficulty.

Attendance Requirements

Requirements for attending an RSR 3 assessment:

  • Participant must hold a level 3 skills in either canoe or kayak to attend an RSR3 course.
  • Must be a Canoeing Ireland member

The RSR 3 aims are to enable candidates to:

1. Understand the appropriate equipment for Grade III water

2. Develop an understanding of Safe Practices on Grade III water

3. Execute self-rescue on Grade III water

4. Rescue of others in Grade III water

5. Rescue of equipment in Grade III water

Course Outline

This is designed to be a flexible course to allow for students needs and previous experience- notwithstanding this the core element of the syllabus must include:

  • Personal Equipment for Grade III

  • Advanced Hydrology/Dynamics of Grade III and above rivers
  • Safe practices and accident prevention methods – CLAP
    • Communication

    • Line of Sight
    • Avoidance
    • Positioning
  • Risk Assessment & Decision Making on Grade III Rivers

  • Safety Zones & Leadership
  • Safe River Running Methods –
    • Follow the Leader

    • Herd and Drive
    • Eddy Hopping
    • Leap Frog

    • Safe order of Priority
    • Self-Rescue – Defensive/Offensive swimming in Grade III
    • Systematic approach to a rescue –
      • Talk – Command words

      • Reach – Reaching techniques
      • Throw – Throw rope rescues & stabilisation lines
      • Row – Chase boating, Barging, Towing, Carries, Rescues
      • Go – Shallow water crossing, Live bait rescues
      • Helo – Making emergency calls to rescue services
    • Knots

    • Progression of Extraction –
      • Z Drag – Mechanical Advantage

      • Pig Rig – Mechanical Advantage
      • Access & Egress

      Course Documents