General Aims

The Intro to Stand Up Paddle Board Award aims to enable participants to:

• Paddle safely and competently on a SUP board on sheltered flat water as part of a group being led.

• Assist in basic flat water rescues.

• Appreciation of the effects of wind & tide.

Award Requirements

Requirements for attending an Intro SUP Skills assessment –

  • There is no formal assessment for the Intro to SUP Skills Award. However, a participant must be able to demonstrate the required skills in the presence of a registered Canoeing Ireland SUP Instructor before being given the award.
  • The SUP Intro Skills Award is not a compulsory pre-requisite for any subsequent Canoeing Ireland skills awards.
  • No age restriction applies to this award.


Participant must successfully demonstrate the following techniques and skills:

  • Forward Paddle (With hands & paddle)
  • Reverse Paddle
  • Emergency Stop
  • An ability to turn while stationary using Forward Sweep Stroke, Reverse Sweep Stroke and a combination of Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes.

• An ability to Mount and Dismount a SUP Board correctly from the bank.

• A water based dismount from the SUP Board.

• Participate in a rescue following a Flip, including righting the SUP Board and completing a water based assisted remount.

  1. An understanding of the Basic Safety Rules of Paddle Sports.
  2. An understanding of the correct & appropriate use of leash.

Course Documents