General Aims

The Level 4 Sea Kayak Instructor Qualification aims to enable candidates to:

1. Become qualified to instruct and lead groups safely in slight/moderate sea conditions.


2. Train and Assess for Canoeing Ireland levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 Sea Kayak Skills Awards.


3.Teach advanced coastal navigation courses.

4. Promote safe kayaking standards, foster further participation and improvement in kayaking standards.

Attendance Requirements

Before applying for this training course, a candidate must:

  1. Hold the level 3 Sea Kayak Instructor qualification.
  2. Have the Level 4 Sea Kayak Skills Award
  3. Have completed the Level 5 Sea Kayak Skills training.
  4. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  5. Have unrestricted access to a suitable sea kayak, personal equipment and additional equipment as listed for the level 5 Sea Kayak Skills Award.
  6. Possess a current and Canoeing Ireland approved First Aid Certificate (REC 3, WFA 3 or equivalent
  7. Be registered as a member with the Canoeing Ireland.
  8. Complete a course application and return to the Canoeing Ireland office.
  9. Garda vetted.

Course Outline

The Level 4 Sea Kayak Instructor Qualification requires that a candidate attend a training course and a one day assessment.

The course will cover:

  1. Observation and analysis skills
  2. Coaching to perform
  3. Feedback techniques
  4. Reflective practice

Course Documents

Please consult the following documents prior to applying for an assessment to ensure you have complete the relevant training and certification, and for details on the format of the assessment –