The Crayfish plague is now on the Barrow from Royal oak.

It will only spread downstream of the location of infection.

For people operating on the Barrow, stick to you local area and if you have to move gear and boats, wash and dry for at least 48 hours before going to another water course.

  • Drain water from watercraft.
  • Inspect watercraft (inside and out) and other gear. Remove and safely dispose of all attached plant and animal material, mud or debris.
  • Rinse and disinfect all gear thoroughly this should be followed by a 24 hour drying period.  Milton can be used as a disinfectant, either make a solution or a spray. Or by washing gear in water over 40 degrees.
  • Disinfecting kayaks/canoes/paddles with (Virkon / Milton Solution or power hose with hot water over 40 degrees Celsius this should be followed by a 48 hour drying period.

Try to avoid paddling in the Barrow and Suir if they are not your local river. This will help prevent the spread of Crayfish plague to other waterways.

For anyone travelling to compete in any Canoeing Ireland competition or event please wash and dry your gear before competing and make use of wash stations at events before you leave.

Ireland is one of  the last preserves of the white clawed crayfish.

For further information and if you spot any dead crayfish

Biodiversity Ireland