We have 25 paddlers who will compete in 2 events 200m and 500m and the chosen venue is Salmon Leap.

We have struggled to find a competition manager within our own ranks who isn’t already involved with one of our delegations and we are now wondering if this is an opportunity that one of your members may be interested in getting involved with.

Our plan is to have a full venue team in situ i.e. venue manager, operations, safety, volunteers etc. and the gap for us is someone to manage just the competition and to guide us through what is needed on the water in terms of additional support, pontoon for starting points etc.

The ideal candidate should have a good knowledge in the sport as it relates to competition. We would then work with this person to ensure that the Special Olympics specifics can be learned and supported between now and June. The event will be run over 2 days Friday 15th and Saturday 16th. The Opening Ceremony is on the evening of June 14th and this day is dedicated in each venue to set-up for the operations teams, signage and banners etc.

At this stage we have venue drawings and rough operating plans in place so we know how we expect the venue to operate but we really need the sport specific person on board now to help and guide us to offering our athletes a really positive competition experience.

Many thanks


Elaine Twomey
Sport Development Manager

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