For anyone who is interested, there will be a Level 4 Sea Skills assessment on this weekend in Dublin.

Level 4 Sea Proficiency Assessment:

Location: Bullock Harbour, near Dun Laoghaire
Date: Saturday the 2nd of June
Time: 1100 – 1900
Cost: 75 euro
Requirements: All candidate must have completed a recognised
(a) A recognised Level 4 Sea Proficiency training course
(b) Successfully completed the Essential Coastal Navigation Certificate
(c) Have all the equipment as listed on the Level 4 Sea Proficiency Syllabus
(d) Present a simple log of qualifying trips
(e) Have route plan for the day (Sat 2nd June) getting on at Bullock Harbour @ 1130
Format of the Assessment:
Meet for 1100 at Bullock Harbour. This assessment will start with the practical elements as it suits the tides and venue. These will include strokes, transits, bearings, towing, rescues and landings.
The evaluation of the theoretical aspects of the assessments will be held on Dalkey Island. Candidates must bring sufficient sources of information & simple navigational tools to plan a trip starting from Howth. A date for the trip planning exercise will be given on the day of the assessment.