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Getting started guide to SafeTrx Flotilla Event for the Liffey Descent


SafeTrx Flotilla Event guide for tracking yourself at the 59th International Liffey Descent.


Download the ISA SafeTrx Mariner versions 2018.1.7 or greater for Android, and app version 2018.1.0 or greater for iOS, supporting the SafeTrx Flotilla Event functionality. This is a 30 megabyte download so best done on Wi-Fi if available, from either of:



Once installed, please click on the “Register” button on the login screen to create an account and proceed to enter the required information for your account and your vessel(s). See FAQ’s on the following pages for detailed instructions.


Event tracking runs from 12.00 to 17.00 on September 15th, 2018.

Event code: LD18

Event URL for tracking: https://flotilla.safetrxapp.com/events/ci/ld18


How to create your SafeTrx account on the smartphone app

Create your account by registering an email address and password and complete the mandatory fields (first and last name, address, etc.).

How to create vessel(s) in your SafeTrx account

Select the ‘Vessels/Crafts’ menu in the ‘My Profile’ screen and add the necessary details to create and save your vessel(s).

What does ‘Enter Flotilla Event Code’ mean on the Track Only screen?

The SafeTrx Flotilla Event code allows your trip to be tracked as a participant in a race (competitor or safety boat). Enter the event code supplied by the race organiser in the Flotilla Event Code field to show your live track on the publicly available Flotilla Event website for the race.

How to start a Track Only trip on ISA SafeTrx so that you can enter your ‘Flotilla Event Code’

Tap the ‘Track Only’ icon on your SafeTrx app to start a track only trip.

How can I enter the Flotilla Event code?

When you enter the Track Only screen you will select your vessel and then tap the ‘Enter Flotilla Event Code’ and enter the event code supplied by the event organiser. Codes are event specific. On SafeTrx Android version 2018.10 there is a confirmation message that you have entered the event code correctly.

There is a no confirmation message that you have successfully entered the code in the SafeTrx iOS 2018.1.0 or on SafeTrx Android 2018.1.7 version. Check your SafeTrx version (In the App Help menu on the app) to know which version you are running.

  1. When you have entered the code tracking will start and your vessel will be visible on the https://flotilla.safetrxapp.com/events/ci/ld18 website.
  2. For a 30 second video on how to enter an event code see here.

Where do I get the Flotilla Event Code?

If the event organiser is using SafeTrx Flotilla Event for the race, they will provide the event code along with instructions to participants.

What Tracking Interval should I use?

For the Liffey Descent race you should use the 10 minute tracking interval.

Who can see my location if I enter a Flotilla Event Code?

If you enter a valid event code and press ‘Start’, the position will be shared on a publicly available SafeTrx Flotilla website.

How much of my information is shared on the SafeTrx Flotilla website?

Your vessel name, time of last recorded position, position co-ordinates, speed and your name are visible at the SafeTrx Flotilla website.

What if I enter the incorrect ‘Flotilla Event Code’?

If you enter the incorrect event code, your position will not be shared on the publicly available website.

What version of SafeTrx is Flotilla Event available on?

Only SafeTrx app versions 2018.1.7 or greater for Android and app version 2018.1.0 or greater for iOS support the SafeTrx Flotilla Event functionality.

Is the app available for international users?

The “ISA SafeTrx” app is also available on all Apple and Google app stores, international users can go to their local store to download.

How do I stop tracking?

Tap the “stop trip” icon to complete tracking and close the trip.


  1. Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  2. If you can, use a backup battery and attach it to the phone to extend the battery life.
  3. For iPhone use the new Apple iOS feature to check the max capacity of the iPhone. If maximum capacity of iPhone is <60% then you will need to run SafeTrx in 10-minute mode if you don’t have a backup battery. If maximum capacity of iPhone is >60% then you will run SafeTrx in continuous mode.
  4. Make sure all other data logging applications (such as Strava etc.) are deactivated.
  5. Make sure the phone has a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and land before beginning the race. This will allow the phone to get a lock on the GNSS satellites and the nearest cell tower.
  6. The phone should be in the chest area in a waterproof plastic pouch.
  7. Do not put another electronic tracker in the same waterproof pouch.
  8. Turn down brightness on the device.
  9. Screen lock your phone to prevent any inadvertent alarming.
  10. Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth.