Would you like to Join the first Canoeing Ireland Paddle Able Ambassador Team?

Paddle Able is the Canoeing Ireland Initiative which aims to bring people together and encourage everyone, of all abilities to find a love of paddle sports.

Our goal is to promote the visibility of diverse ability within our paddle sports membership.

The Paddle Able Ambassador Team will work together to show people throughout Ireland that there is a paddle and boat for everyone!

We would like you to be seen!

Visibility is key: The ambassador team will help to encourage other people to try paddle sports by working together to create a visibility campaign and sharing stories of their

Why become a Paddle Able Ambassador?

  • You enjoy kayaking/canoeing/paddling.
  • You would like to see more people like you out on the water finding a love for the sport.
  • You would like to raise awareness about accessibility to paddle sports.
  • You are happy to share your paddling story and experiences with others.
  • You would like to learn skills on how to tell your story on camera?

Who can become a Paddle Able Ambassador?

This programme is aimed towards people who have an interest in paddling fairly regularly and would be suitable to any of the following:

  • You are 16 years of age or older
  • You are involved in Para Canoe or Special Olympics Kayaking
  • You live with a physical impairment or disability (i.e. hearing impairment, wheelchair user, scoliosis, cerebral palsy)
  • You have a medical condition or are recovering from an injury/illness which has made accessing paddle sports complicated.
  • You have an intellectual disability/learning disability,
  • You have Autism.

What is involved in being a Paddle Able Ambassador?

  • You will become a member of a diverse team of ambassadors and by participating you will inspire others to paddle
  • You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with the Canoeing Ireland team so we can learn from you to improve your experience on the water
  • You will take part in the Visibility Campaign.

Part One:

A full day of workshops which will teach you the following skills:

  • story sharing
  • how to write a story script about you and what to say to people
  • how to talk in front of a camera
  • body language on camera
  • how to ask questions to someone on camera / be the interviewer
  • how to use social media to make an impact/be a positive influence.

These workshops will all take place indoors with cameras and some filming crew set up for lots of practice, learning and most importantly FUN.

Part Two:

The film crew will do a day of gathering footage of you out on the water in your boat, showing your skills!
The film crew will record what you have to say to the camera with the water in the background for your final video.
This will be a full day of activity as you will work with other members of the ambassador team to do the videos.

Part Three:

You will receive a 45 second video about your experience as someone who enjoys paddling and how you first started which you can share on social media and with your community.

Part Four:

As an ambassador we will ask you to attend some events, assist with delivering training/talking to clubs, and help with raising awareness of the overall campaign.


Please note: If you need an assistant, parent, guardian or carer to attend any part of the programme they are very welcome! We can also arrange pre-workshop training for any participant who would like additional information and preparation.

When will this programme take place?

Application Deadline: 1st January 2023

Application Announcement: 11th January 2023

Indoor Workshop Day 1: 25th February 2023

You will attend one day out of the following dates:

Outdoor Filming Day 1: 26th February 2023

Outdoor Filming Day 2: 25th March 2023

Outdoor Filming Day 3: 26th March 2023

Video Launch Celebration – Date to be confirmed [late April/early May]

We will communicate different event / training dates later in the year and work around your own availability.

Where will the programme take place?

Workshop Day 1 will take place in the Greater Dublin area.

Filming days will take place in other parts of the country depending on the home location of the Ambassadors and access to the water.

Other locations are to be confirmed, this is a National project so we will aim to move to different locations to accommodate everyone as best as we can.

Overall, you will receive some top-class training on how to be part of a video campaign, how to inspire people, and become a member of a brilliant team of other paddlers.

You will receive a Paddle Able T-shirt, Lunch on the days of activity, and possibly some other freebies along the way!

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form below before the 1st January 2023.

If you are under 18 years of age or need care assistance day to day, please note that your application will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.

If you would like assistance or have any questions please contact Emer: emer@canoe.ie

*There will be a limit on the number of Ambassador positions on the programme. Everyone who applies will get the opportunity to attend a filming day, receive a T-Shirt and may be invited to attend other parts of the programme.