During the next while of staying home and isolating, we hope all our members are not only going to do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also make sure to look after their physical and mental well being.

While we may not be able to get on the water as much, get to the gym, or even out to eat, there are plenty of ways to enjoy being active, healthy, and enjoy great food while staying within the safety of your own 4 walls. To help with this Canoeing Ireland are going to do our part and keep all our social media platforms filled with new ways to stay fit, healthy, and happy during this difficult time.


We will post weekly workouts for paddlers from our athletes and ambassadors, easy to do at home, and a great way to stay active and healthy. Or! Tag us in any home workout you come up with to help others in the community stay fit.


With being at home and less active now is a great opportunity to learn to cook some great healthy meals. Weekly recipes will go up on our pages for you to try out, along with some treats. Share your favorite recipes with us too.


We’re also going to try keep you entertained with all things paddling. Great films and videos to watch, gear tips, and plenty to keep us all busy while around the house.

We’re all in the same boat so engage with the community online with anything that might help someone through the day. The more we can do at home the safer we all are from the spread of the Coronavirus. Heres a quick update on the measures we should all be taking –