Ireland is moving form a short term emergency response to COVID-19 to a medium term framework for living with the virus, while returning to economic and social activity. These new measure are designed to minimize the risk to the public from the virusm, while beginning to repair some of the damage done to society.

Canoeing Ireland have published new guidelines for any paddling activity in line with each level of restrictions in the new plan. These guidelines detail what activities are permitted at each level, as well as the precautions which should be taken to ensure that these activities are conducted in a manner safe for all involved.

With these levels being enforced on a county by county basis, be sure to check the appropriate level of restrictions for your area here –

The paddling community has to this point been exemplary in their adherence to the Canoeing Ireland and Government guidelines for dealing with the virus. We hope that will continue with these new guidelines and our paddlers will continue to participate in way that will not put their own, or anyone else’s, health at risk.

Thank you again to our community for their support during these difficult times. We will continue to monitor the situation and update these guidelines as the situation progresses. If you have any further question around a return to activity or require further guidance around specific requirement for a return to any paddlesport activity please contact Canoeing Ireland.