Canoeing Ireland’s new innovative Junior programme is a celebration of both the diversity of Paddlesports disciplines and abundance of stunning water environments Ireland has to offer. The programme aims to fulfil its name with the participants falling in love with the sport for life. Done by providing unique, age-adapted, fun, multi-disciplinary, environment diverse, paddlesports experiences. The young paddlers will be encouraged to engage in experiences that sit within the 5 pillars of For The Love of It (FLOIT): Disciplines, Water Safety and Confidence, Sport Life Skills, Water Environments and Events.

Having tested the concept last Spring at the Canoeing Ireland Training Centre, the programme is currently being piloted in varying formats in 4 different counties throughout the country: Mayo, Limerick, Tipperary and Dublin before being launched officially at PaddleWest (25th/26th June), a reinstated multi-disciplinary event in Castlebar Co. Mayo.

The findings of the pilot schemes will enable the development and appropriate resourcing for a nationwide delivery format. A FLOIT calendar creating more quality experiences for more Junior members with coordinated actions/resources locally and nationally supported by Canoeing Ireland and its committees.

For The Love of It aspires to be the seed from which other pathways/experiences within the sport can grow from; promoting self-challenge, self-efficacy and connectedness.