Sea Kayak Award Review Group (SKARG) Update – May 12th 2022

Thank you for taking the time to view this post and engage with our “Consultation Phase” for the development of the proposed new and updated Level 1 to 5 Sea Kayak Skills awards. The consultation phase starts 13/5/2022 & closes 10/6/2022. The launch of new scheme is targeted for Q4 this year and this will be complemented with upskilling, benchmarking and CPD events online and face to face. Have your say, tell us what you think, how can it be improved?

We invite you to read the following Draft documents:

The Introduction document which explains all the essential information you need to know –

Sea Kayak Skills Award Review Intro

Draft PDF’s of the proposed new Level 1 to 5 Sea Skills awards –ย 

Level 1 Sea Skills
Level 2 Sea Skills
Level 3 Sea Skills
Level 4 Sea Skills
Level 5 Sea Skills
We then encourage all members and Instructors with an interest in Sea Kayaking to then go to the survey link below and send us your feedback –
Sea Skills Awards Feedback

We will then collate the feedback and produce a final draft for consideration and approval by the Training and Development Committee and the Board of Canoeing Ireland.

Why was the Sea Kayak Award Review Group set up?

  • The old system did not fulfil the needs of the modern Irish Sea Kayaker at L1 and L2.
  • The Irish sea kayaking community has long called for an updated scheme relevant to them.
  • The sea kayak community needs more Sea Kayak Club Leaders and Instructors.

The Sea Kayak Award Review group consists of:

  • Jon Hynes – Chair & TDUC & Kinsale OEC.
  • Craig Keyworth – TDUC & Copper Coast Sea Kayaking.
  • Shane McElliggott – Roundstone Outdoors & GRETb
  • Sue Honan – ISKA, BTG Ambassador & Sea Instructor.
  • Mick Carroll – ECSKC & Sea Instructor
  • Julian Haines – ECSKC & Sea Instructor
  • Emma Glanville – ISKA
  • Brian McMahon – ISKA
  • Kevin Oโ€™Callaghan – ATU & Sea Instructor
  • Stephen Hannon – ATU & Sea Instructor