Following its approval at the 61st Canoeing Ireland AGM we are releasing the 2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements. With 2021 being year one of our three year strategic plan, this report is an important look back at the progress we’ve made so far on our strategic priorities, and an overview of what we still have to do.

Launching the 2021 Annual Report Canoeing Ireland CEO Moira Aston emphasised the importance of our stakeholders and extended our sincere thanks to all who have contributed to our sport in 2021.

We have consolidated our relationship with our stakeholders by delivering on our promises and creating an inclusive and welcoming space. As we look forward to a busy year ahead, we are indebted to everyone who has supported us during 2021 and look forward to working with you on our shared vision for our sport.’

The president of Canoeing Ireland Lynda Byron made special reference to the importance of ensuring gender balance in all areas of our sport, and thanked all those who act as ambassadors for this.

‘We are focussing closely on gender balance in all areas of our sport and have been making excellent progress with the Bridge the Gap and Mentโ€™Hers programme to address the challenges which existed in the area of female participation and leadership. To all of you who act formally and informally as ambassadors for our sport, whether youโ€™re paddling for fun, teaching others, volunteering your time at club or committee level, or representing Ireland on the world stage, we are indebted to you.’

Read the full 2021 Report and Financial Statements below –

2021 Annual Report
2021 Financial Statements