Moira Aston. Canoeing Ireland CEO

“Inclusivity is one of the values of Canoeing Ireland and, as an organisation, we work hard to create an environment where all voices are welcomed and heard. We are lucky to have an outstanding advocate for women in our President, Lynda Byron, who consistently sets the tone in the boardroom to ensure that everyone’s point of view is listened to and debated. The essential question for an inclusive organisation is “who doesn’t have a seat at the table?” We seek out other voices to avoid group think and open ourselves to points of view that sometimes challenge our beliefs. This process is enriching for the organisation as a whole. On a personal note, I have worked with exceptional leaders, both male and female. The best leaders are not exclusive to a gender but are exclusively inclusive.”

This philosophy is evident in the Canoeing Ireland Women in Sport programme ‘Bridge the Gap’. Which has transformed the paddlesports landscape in Ireland for women. While we still have a ways to go but this week is a perfect opportunity to see how far we’ve come –

Bridge the Gap 2022


Of all international representatives female


International teams fully gender balanced


More followers on Women in Paddlesports social media from 2020


Participants in ‘HER Paddle Journey’


New Bridge the Gap Ambassadors running a massive range of programmes for women at all levels of the sport

Instructor/ Coach Certificates Awarded

Female 27%         Male 73%Female 35%         Male 65%