This second webinar in the Disability & Inclusion Awareness series will be delivered by Colin Patton (Active Connections & Cara Tutor) and will include a panel discussion with Angelina Foley (Special Olympics Coach), Oisín Feery (Special Olympics Kayaking Medallist and Ambassador) and Sharron Feery (Women’s Paddling Ambassador and Special Olympics Coach). This webinar aims to address areas of overall awareness, discussions and information which will help members to understand the additional needs that people living with Autism may have, and how you can be a part of understanding and accommodating this in a paddling context. Please note that this is an interactive webinar and will include Breakout Rooms. The Webinar will be recorded and available to view at a later stage if you would prefer not to engage in breakout rooms or discussion.

The Webinars will take place each month with a new registration link. Each month a guest speaker will facilitate an interactive webinar on a new topic: Physical, Intellectual and Sensory Disabilities, Autism & Additional Needs, and an information webinar on pathways towards Special Olympics and Paralympics.

Please submit any questions you would like addressed in the panel discussion to Emer Carton: to ensure your question is answered throughout the webinar. There will be limited time to address questions asked on the evening.

This Disability & Inclusion Education Series is for all members; however spaces will be limited so please register early

Canoeing Ireland have signed up to the Cara Charter and are on a journey to completing the Cara Bronze Inclusion Award. We would like to remind clubs that signing up to the Cara Charter will help people with a disability to understand that your club is open to facilitating paddling experiences for them. Your club will additionally receive support and resources from Cara. Find out more about signing up HERE.

Cara have a range of Fact Sheet resources for your information.