We have been reviewing processes here in Canoeing Ireland with regards skills and instructor courses.

Below are the results of that review process:

  • Assessment candidates must submit a satisfactory logbook prior to the office accepting assessment application forms.  Logbooks must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to assessment dates.
  • Logbooks should contain everything on the checklist in your logbook. Do not send originals with your logbook. It is your responsibility to send in a complete logbook.
  • If the logbook does not meet requirements to be passed, the logbook will be sent back to the person with a letter explain what was missing.
  • CI will endeavor to set fixed dates at least 3 months in advance for all courses to allow candidates to arrange their schedule around the dates.  Any courses which do not receive any applications within 1 month of course date will be cancelled, any courses which do not have the minimum number of applications within 2 weeks of course date will be cancelled.