A renowned figure in the paddle sports community, Adrian Harkin is a resilient individual on a journey shaped by the challenges of Motor Neuron Disease (MND), this Saturday 20th April the ‘Summit to Sea for MND‘ challenge aims to raise funds for the Irish Motor Neruone Disease Association. This initiative is a testament to Adrian’s determination to leave a lasting legacy and raise crucial funds for The IMNDA, a pivotal organization in supporting individuals affected by MND. The campaign involves a unique combination of paddling and climbing, symbolizing the resilience required in the face of MND. The Irish Coastline will be divided up into 40+ sections with section leads coordinating each section, all while being tracked live via GPS trackers. The 12-hour relay will begin from Adrian’s Home in Moville from Inish Adventures. We are encouraging our members to show their support for this incredible event, aiming to use paddle sport and the outdoors to make an impact on on the fight to tackle MND. Donations can be made below –

As part of the event the organisers are hoping to capture every bit of activity taking place on the day in support of Summit to Sea. All supporters and participants are asked to send their photos and videos to 085 172 3983 to document this incredible journey.