Hello everyone,
We have received word that training gates are being left set for low water levels and also in position at the feature in Sluice. This is a problem for other river users and also increases the risk of further damage when there is a release. Can anyone training at Sluice please ensure that the gates are raised and moved to the side after your session. This is particularly important for the eddies at the feature itself.

Thank you and please see message received below

“To whom it concerns ( all slalom paddler’s at Sluice ) please take in the gates around the wave/hole Eddy’s after any sessions, also generally keep the poles high off the water as ALL the gates were in the water recently where someone adjusted them for a low level paddle and didn’t bother to reset than afterwards, it will only take one rouge fallen tree to do serious damage to the only serious Slalom feature we have in Southern Ireland if the poles are constantly left “LOW”