3rd Level Paddle Sports Club Support

Over the last 18 months Canoeing Ireland has been working with Student sport Ireland and 3rd level institutions to develop a set of Outdoor sports guidelines for Sports officers and clubs.

Following incidents in Outdoor sports over the last few years, some which have been serious, Student Sport Ireland sought to develop guidelines for all outdoor sports clubs in 3rd level institutions (available below).

Canoeing Ireland has led the paddle sports section of that document including guidance on inland waterways Stand Up Paddleboarding.

The guidelines’ purpose is to improve safety and clearly outline the National governing bodies standards and good practice.

Most 3rd level paddle sports clubs have already started implementing those guidelines and some were already at or above those standard prior to the process.

One or two intend to commence the guidelines from September 2024. And many clubs have be proactive and engaged in training up their membership across skills safety and instructorships.

We also sought to increase the communication between clubs, sports officers and Canoeing Ireland, and we have created a system for sport officers and clubs to engage with Canoeing Ireland regularly.

Through this we hope that 3rd level clubs will continue to grow and provide engagement with paddle sports to all 3rd level students in a safe and sustainable manner.

Steve Fahy

Canoeing Ireland Development officer.

*Working document. Currently in draft form.