Proposal by Dublin City Council to construct a Whitewater course at George’s Dock in Dublin Docklands

Canoeing Ireland warmly welcomes and supports the innovative proposal by Dublin City Council to construct a Whitewater course at George’s Dock in Dublin Docklands, which was published in the past week and are asking our members to make submissions in support of the proposed development, in writing, to the Executive Manager, Planning Department, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Woodquay, Dublin 8, before 4.30pm on 3rd October 2019

The project proposes a new facility for a wide range of people who wish to participate in recreational and competitive whitewater sports and leisure activities in Dublin city centre. It will serve members of the public who wish to kayak or canoe or go river rafting and will serve white water course customers, including tourist visitors, club canoeists and elite Freestyle, Canoe-Polo, Wildwater and Canoe-Slalom athletes. The proposed facility will include a canoe polo pool, white water freestyle / slalom / wildwater course,
kayak/raft conveyor, pumping station and ancillary changing and storage facilities. It will represent a significant milestone in the development of our sport in Ireland.

The lack of such a facility in Ireland up to now, has been a major inhibiting factor in bringing our development athletes up to international standard and in preparing our Junior, Under 23 and Senior squads for international competition, which results in these athletes being severely disadvantaged in relation to those of other European nations who have multiple courses of this nature at their disposal. The logistics and expense of exposing our athletes, through their development progression, to consistent water conditions of international standard abroad has severely impacted on our sport’s development. This proposal provides an exciting opportunity to address this disadvantage.

The course will also provide the necessary rough-water facilities for future hosting of national, 5-nations and international freestyle, wildwater and canoe-slalom races to International Canoe Federation standards.

The facility will also provide a base for a local canoe club in this Inner-city area which will provide valuable recreational and community benefits in association with Dublin City Council, Canoeing Ireland and local school, community and youth organisations. The health and well-being benefits of such a development will be considerable.

The proposal can be viewed from the link below.


DCC Project Proposal and Documentation: