An extremely difficult morning in Liam Jegou’s career, finishing in 15th place in the C1 Men semi-final, taking him out of contention for the Final. Having clearly recovered from a stressful day in the heats, Liam was off to a great start in his semi-final race, posting the fastest times on the top 2 splits as he powered his way down the course in a very composed display of racing. As he neared the bottom of the course the tiny margins in Canoe Slalom became clear as he barely misjudged the next gate in the sequence, diving to get his head between the poles but incurring a 50 second penalty, throwing him off balance and too far from the next gate to complete it correctly, ultimately ending his Olympic Games.

Speaking about the race Liam said –
Maybe I had the final already in my sights, and you can’t be doing that

His form coming in to these Games was clear, with a 6th place in the Final of the World Cup in Germany before flying to Tokyo. With the momentum from this the plan was for not just a final but potentially a medal, making this result all the more difficult to take.
I’ve been working really really hard for that final run and to get a chance to fight for an Olympic medal

At only 25 years old this is only the beginning for Liam’s career. Already turning his sights to the World Championships later this year in Slovakia. With is first Olympic Games now under his belt we are sure to see plenty of fantastic results in the future at both World and Olympic level.