The Canoeing Ireland Annual Report has been launched following the AGM on Monday 18th October.  It is an honest, detailed and comprehensive assessment of progress made, goals achieved and areas for continued development. The report includes an important thanks to our members for their co-operation and support in what was an uncertain year for our sport. From a governance and finance standpoint we saw a strong growth trajectory in the year 2020, driven by the completion of many strategic goals and the development and publication of the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. On the performance side, 2020 was another year for development with the release of the High-Performance Strategic Plan “Paris & Beyond”.

Moira Aston, Canoeing Ireland CEO, said:

“The 2020 Annual Report was compiled earlier this year and released for publication this week following the approval of our 2020 audited Financial Statements at our AGM last Monday.  It is an excellent appraisal of the current state of Canoeing Ireland and our areas of strategic focus into the future.  I would like to thank Brian Ogilvie (outgoing President) for his extensive contribution to this report and to the board for their ongoing focus on achieving our ambitious goals for growth and development of Canoeing Ireland.”

We would like to extend a massive thank you to the board for their help and support both throughout the year and in the publication of this report.

See the full report below –

Annual Report 2020