The “For The Love of It” concept was first tested in 2021 at the Canoeing Ireland Training Centre, the programme aimed to celebrate the richness and breadth of experience Paddlesports in Ireland has to offer. The initial test was a roaring success, with the challenge being how to translate the concept into a nationwide foundation programme that all young paddlers can access.

This was investigated through a Pilot phase that lasted over 5 months and culminated with the programme launch in Clonmel. Run in partnership with Tipperary LSP and Clonmel Canoe Club, this launch event offered junior paddlers the opportunity to experience 7 different workshops exploring the breadth of disciplines Paddlesports has to offer.

The benefits of the programme were immediately clear, with all young paddlers in attendance being extremely engaged in the workshops, and wanted more of every discipline they experienced.

This event and programme are supported by a strong, coordinated network of coaches, instructors, partner clubs, LSPs and Hubs who embrace the objectives and helped us deliver quality, fun and creative experiences on the day. A massive thank you to all the clubs and disciplines who ran workshops on the day.



Freestyle, Slalom, Polo, Flatwater racing, Open Canoe, Sea kayaking, SUP, Surf Kayak, Extreme Slalom


Castlebar (NorthWest), Limerick (SouthWest), Clonmel (SouthEast), Training Centre and WWKC (Greater Dublin Area)


Clonmel FLOIT Summer Camp (South East), PaddleWest and Teen Connect (North West), FLOIT Launch (Clonmel)


Lake, river flatwater, river whitewater & ocean





Tipperary LSP, Mayo LSP/Castlebar Adventure Hub, ATU, WWKC, Limerick Kayak Academy, Limerick Kayak Club, Clonmel Kayak Club, Training Centre, CI discipline committees

More about For the Love of It…

Designed as a multi-disciplinary Foundation Pathway Programme, “For The Love Of It” aims to inspire quality life-long participation through age/point of development appropriate, fun, diverse and creative experiences.

But also offer high quality foundation experiences that promote self-challenge, self-efficacy and connectedness both socially and to the natural environment.

All of which are pillars to both sustained life-long participation and if desired, performance Paddle sport.

In addition to facilitated local actions, a coordinated calendar of Junior Events from April to September that embrace the “For The Love It” spirit will be created for 2023.

Programme Objectives/Philosophy

  • Fun and creative programme that provides quality “foundation” experiences
  • Showcase breadth of Paddlesports disciplines and water environments
  • Age/point of development appropriate experiences
  • Inspire Life-Long participation
  • Promote self-challenge and self-efficacy: paddler chooses their own path/way through varied and enriching adventures, goals, experiences
  • Opportunities to trial multiple “sporting roles” (assist in coaching, organising a club event, officiating…)

  • Connectedness to others and the natural environment
  • Find a “Paddle that Fits”