The key measure for the success of the 2023 ICF Women’ Symposium was the creation of a route forward, with clear actions, for creating a more equitable future for women in our sport. ‘Where to from here?’ was the question asked in wrapping up the two days of discussion and learning, with a strong focus put on the actions needed to make change happen. In his final contribution, President Konietzko took a strong leadership position and stated the commitment of the ICF Board to initiate change –

1. Discuss and plan for the implementation of a mentorship programme for talented women within paddlesports leadership

2. Create and provide a network BETWEEN women at various levels of leadership and volunteering in our sport

3. Begin the discussion in the ICF Board on how to introduce mandatory quotas for gender representation in all international bodies

We have been inspired by the Womens Symposium as a whole and the pledges made by all in attendance to enact change at an level they can, from personally to globally. The commitments made by the ICF are a fantastic step forward for our sport and we can’t wait to see a new and better environment for women in Paddlesports.