Canoeing Ireland is introducing a pilot scheme for Instructor registration in order to enhance communication and services to Instructors and to assist with the promotion of canoeing in all its forms. The aim of this Scheme is to consolidate our relationship with Instructors, clubs and Activity Providers through a phased increase in services offered and an improved system of communication.

Canoeing Ireland has a responsibility as the National Governing Body for Canoesport to assure participants and other bodies requesting instruction through Canoeing Ireland’s Award Scheme by instructors that all necessary compliance requirements have been validated. In order to provide this service Canoeing Ireland will provide the means necessary for clubs and commercial entities to identify all Instructors registered to it.

The associated benefits of this Scheme are:

  1. To Increase connectivity with and between members of our community of Instructors.
  2. To assist with gathering resource inventory and to identify gaps.
  3. The promotion of best practice.
  4. To enhance communication at local, regional and national level.
  5. To provide assurance for participants.
  6. To give NGB support for grant/funding applications from affiliated bodies
  7. To provide access to CPD courses
  8. To issue Instructor ID Cards
  9. To provide a central communication platform for issues relevant to each group.

All affiliated clubs, commercial providers and educational establishments who offer courses using the Canoeing Ireland syllabi are required to register Instructors affiliated to or working with them.

A link to the Canoeing Ireland Database will be provided where stakeholders to the Scheme will be able to identify Instructors working with them and to add them to the list of registered Instructors on the basis that they have fulfilled all of the following requirements:

  1. Current membership of Canoeing Ireland
  2. Hold a current Canoeing Ireland Instructor qualification
  3. Are currently Garda Vetted through Canoeing Ireland
  4. Have a valid first aid qualification
  5. 1. Have delivered one registered training course or assessment within a two-year cycle or have attended a free, one day CPD course within a two-year cycle.

Instructors acting in a voluntary capacity will be registered through their club secretary. The club must be affiliated with Canoeing Ireland.

An instructor acting in a professional capacity will be required to be registered by their Commercial Provider’s legal or nominated representative. The Commercial Provider must be affiliated with Canoeing Ireland.

Instructor Register

Canoeing Ireland will hold a database of Registered Instructors. This Register will contain the contact details and qualifications of all currently registered Instructors who fulfil the requirements and criteria for inclusion on the register. It will include the registered club and / or commercial provider to whom they are affiliated. This will be listed on the Instructor’s Annual Membership card.

The Register will provide details on the courses and assessments each registered Instructor has delivered using the Canoeing Ireland syllabus.

An instructor may be registered with both a club(s) and a commercial provider(s) but will only be covered by Canoeing Ireland’s Insurance Policy where they are acting in a voluntary and non-remunerated capacity.

It is the responsibility of Commercial Providers to ensure that they have the relevant insurance cover and tax compliance in place. Canoeing Ireland may on occasions seek validation of these.

Any qualified Instructor who is not on the Instructor Register is deemed ‘Un-registered’ and prohibited from representing Canoeing Ireland by using its Award Scheme and programmes.

How much does becoming Registered Instructor cost?

Registration though a Club: The cost of registering an Instructor is included in the €150 annual affiliation fee for the club. There is no limit on the number of Instructors a club can register.

Registration through an approved Commercial Providers: The cost of registering an Instructor is included in the €150 annual Provider Registration fee. A Commercial Provider can register a maximum of 10 Instructors after which an additional charge of €25 per instructor applies.

Phase 1 – May – September 2020

Widespread communication of the launch of the Scheme across all the Canoeing Ireland platforms, to be published and shared by Sport Ireland, Waterways Ireland, LSP’s and other affiliates.

Development and roll out of a user friendly and fully tested registration portal.

Development of a map of club/commercial provider locations throughout Ireland

Designing and distributing Registered Instructor ID Cards

Phase 2 – September to December 2020

Review and assessment of online functionality

Development of CPD/Revalidation System

Access to digital content

Discounted Instructor Training

Discounted attendance at Instructor Conference

*Scheme will be reviewed and upgraded every quarter based on user experience, access to resources and functionality of associated IT resources.