After a fantastic day on the water we are happy to release the results of the 2023 Junior Liffey Descent. Our young paddlers delivered some great performances along the tricky course taking on 5 weirs.

U15 Mens

PLACEBIBTIMEHeatCategoryFirst NameLast NameAge CagtegoryClub Name
11359.47Heat 2K1ASeanButterlyUnder 15 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
22167.42Heat 2K1ASeanSmythUnder 15 MensSalmon Leap CC
341669.59Heat 1K1ASeanNoudUnder 15 MensSalmon Leap
48377.54Heat 2K1ALouisEvansUnder 15 MensThomastown Paddlers
53180.51Heat 2K1AJohnWalpoleUnder 15 MensThomastown Paddlers
61482.01Heat 2K1ALiamDurkanUnder 15 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club

U15 Womens

12121.54Heat 2K1AMary KateRyanUnder 15 WomensThomastown paddlers
23123.33Heat 2K1AKatieHobson-ShawUnder 15 WomensThomastown Paddlers

U18 Mens

19357.55Heat 2K1AFinnHarrisUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
28758.06Heat 2K1ALiamBolandUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
33558.34Heat 2K1ABenHigginsUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
44862.14Heat 2K1ALucaClancyUnder 18 MensSalmon leap canoe club
59462.15Heat 2K1ANoahHarrisUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap
66663.36Heat 2K1ADaibhiReynoldsUnder 18 MensSalmon leap canoe club
740968.47Heat 1K1AConorDonnellanUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap
840672.14Heat 1K1AAidanBayanUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap
95568.13Heat 2K1ADylanClarkeUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
108070.06Heat 2K1ASeanDurkanUnder 18 MensSalmon Leap Canoe Club
117570.49Heat 2K1ATadhgRyanUnder 18 MensThomastown Paddlers
128279.46Heat 2K1ATomEvansUnder 18 MensThomastown Paddlers
135286.53Heat 2K1AOranMurphyUnder 18 MensThomastown Paddlers
145787.09Heat 2K1ACallumBrownUnder 18 MensCPCC
157887.27Heat 2K1ATjBrennanUnder 18 MensThomastown Paddlers
168195.18Heat 2K1AMatthewStephensonUnder 18 MensThomastown Paddlers

U23 Mens

13972.49Heat 2K1ABenSmithUnder 23 MensSalmon Leap

U18 Mens

PLACEBIBTIMEHeatCategoryFirst NameLast NameAge CagtegoryClub Name
110992.33Heat 3K1BTerencePunselieUnder 18 MensPoulaphoca Paddlers

U15 Mens

PLACEBIBTIMEHeatCategoryFirst NameLast NameAge CagtegoryClub Name
124986.58Heat 3K1CJakeBerminghamUnder 15 MensInny Kayak Club
226388.50Heat 3K1CNaoiseHeneghanUnder 15 MensCelbridge paddlers
325789.43Heat 3K1CBenStanleyUnder 15 MensInny Kayak Club
428294.23Heat 3K1CHarryOgilvieUnder 15 MensLaois Kayak & Canoe Club
525197.20Heat 3K1CJosephCampbellUnder 15 MensRibbontail
625997.35Heat 3K1CConorDorranUnder 15 Mens
724098.32Heat 3K1CRyanHarveyUnder 15 MensCabra Kayak Club
824699.03Heat 3K1CLukeBerminghamUnder 15 Mens
9254103.25Heat 3K1CHarryMc LainUnder 15 MensRibbontail Canoe Club
10236109.59Heat 3K1CTroyWilsonUnder 15 MensCabra Kayak Club
11298110.53Heat 3K1CHenriKearneyUnder 15 MensClonmel
12281111.06Heat 3K1CCharlieClaffeyUnder 15 MensInny Kayaking
13245112.19Heat 3K1COisinTiernanUnder 15 MensTrim Canoe Club
14295116.28Heat 3K1CReubenKehoeUnder 15 MensGo Paddle
15241124.41Heat 3K1CJackLaneUnder 15 MensPhoenix Kayak Ckub
16256128.52Heat 3K1CDanielDziwirekUnder 15 Mens
17214134.42Heat 3K1CRuairiFahey MurphyUnder 15 MensWild Water Kayaking Club
18248135.03Heat 3K1CLukeFitzgeraldUnder 15 MensWild Water Kayak Club
19265135.30Heat 3K1CSeanVreenegoorUnder 15
20261135.31Heat 3K1CDaraghMoranUnder 15 MensGo paddle kayak academy
21296135.53Heat 3K1CFinnCahillUnder 15 MensGo Paddle
22221136.12Heat 3K1CCianOloanUnder 15 MensBalto KC

U15 Womens

PLACEBIBTIMEHeatCategoryFirst NameLast NameAge CagtegoryClub Name
120690.40Heat 3K1CKyraFlanneryUnder 15 WomensCabra kayak club
223898.48Heat 3K1CKateMorleyUnder 15 WomensKilcock Canoe Polo Club
3205100.44Heat 3K1CEmmaO HalloranUnder 15 WomensSalmon leap
4226109.36Heat 3K1CEvieBerryUnder 15 WomensRibbontail Paddlers Canoe Club
5202109.52Heat 3K1CMéaMinchinUnder 15 WomensBalto Kayak Club
6410114.30Heat 3K1CEmiyDonnellanUnder 15 WomensSalmon Leap
7229114.45Heat 3K1CEabhaSmythUnder 15 WomensSalmon Leap CC
8232136.00Heat 3K1CEvieO HaganUnder 15 WomensGo paddle
9225136.52Heat 3K1CLilyOloanUnder 15 WomensBalto KC
10595145.50Heat 3K1CClaireGuestUnder 15 WomensSalmon Leap
11413145.48Heat 3K1CSadhbhShannonUnder 15 WomensSalmon Leap

U18 Mens

128982.46Heat 3K1CJakeHarveyUnder 18 MensCabra Kayak Club
229484.34Heat 3K1CFinnHigginsUnder 18 MensCabra Kayak Club
328785.49Heat 3K1CKyleBerminghamUnder 18 MensInny Kayak Club
430890.35Heat 3K1CFiachraDowdUnder 18 MensSligo Grammar School Kayak Club
530493.37Heat 3K1CPhilipByrneUnder 18 MensPoulaphouca paddlers
631596.31Heat 3K1CSenanO’NeillUnder 18 MensPoulaphouca Paddlers
732099.04Heat 3K1CAidanO DonohoeUnder 18 MensCelbridge Paddlers
8300101.13Heat 3K1CLukeMitchellUnder 18 MensCabra Kayak Club
9283103.23Heat 3K1CSeanRooneyUnder 18 MensRibbontail Paddlers
10414108.59Heat 3K1CCiaranMcLoughlinUnder 18 MensKilcock Canoe Polo Club
11299109.37Heat 3K1CColumDoyleUnder 18 MensBalto Kayak Club
12303120.02Heat 3K1CRichardBeanUnder 18 MensWild Water Kayak Club
13404136.30Heat 3K1CDarrenJordanUnder 18 MensGo Paddle
DNF2850.00Heat 3K1CSonnyHarveyUnder 18 MensCabra Kayak Club

U18 Womens

121294.39Heat 3K1CLeahHoughUnder 18 WomensTrim
2650100.03Heat 3K1CJenniferGuestUnder 18 WomensSalmon Leap
3244100.38Heat 3K1CEmilyRocheUnder 18 WomensSLCC
4419109.01Heat 3K1CAoibheShannonUnder 18 WomensSalmon Leap
5235114.44Heat 3K1CLucyCullenUnder 18 WomensSalmon Leap Canoe Club

U23 Mens

132886.14Heat 3K1CDonnchadhQuinn ConwayUnder 23 MensSligo Grammar School Kayak Club
2333102.45Heat 3K1CCameronKilcoyneUnder 23 MensSligo Grammar School Kayak Club

K2 U15 Mens

PLACEBIBTIMEHeatCategoryFirst NameLast NameAge CagtegoryClub Name
1640136.08Heat 1K2TheoGalvinUnder 15 MensMalahide Swords Canoe Club
1640136.08Heat 1K2TomKennyUnder 15 MensMalahide Swords Canoe Club

K2 U18 Womens

184879.59Heat 1K2MarthaMosleyUnder 18 WomensMalahide Swords Canoe Club
184879.59Heat 1K2EllenWilliamsonUnder 18 WomensMalahide Swords Canoe Club

K2 Mixed

162580.23Heat 1K2 MixedFionnBenn ScanlonUnder 18 MensMalahide Swords Canoe Club
162580.23Heat 1K2 MixedSadhbhBenn ScanlonUnder 15 WomensMalahide Swords Canoe Club
DNF7830.00Heat 1K2 MixedConorO FlahertyUnder 18 MensPhoenix kayak club
DNF7830.00Heat 1K2 MixedOliviaCareyUnder 15 Womens 

Touring Doubles

177385.10Heat 3Touring DoubleGillesKearneyUnder 18 MensClonmel
177385.10Heat 3Touring DoubleRoryKearneyUnder 18 MensClonmel

Canoe Doubles

1516108.36Heat 3Canoe – DoubleCathalO DonovanUnder 15 MensLaois Kayak and Canoe Club
1516108.36Heat 3Canoe – DoubleRianO HareUnder 15 MensLaois Kayak and Canoe Club

As always a massive thank you to all who volunteered on the day to provide rescue, marshalling and helped provide a great experience for our young paddlers.