In preparation for the 2014 AGM some of you may have noticed that the constitution has not been posted on the website, i wish to rectify this in this post and also to explain the reason for the delay.
At the 2013 AGM an amended version of the constitution was to be voted on, this did not occur due to time constraints. There was not action in the minuets, that this would be carried forward to the 2014 agm. In the approach to the 2014 AGM, the committee reviewed the 2013 version of the constitution and were amending it further to reflect the changes that have happened to the TDU in the last year. While in the process of this we were contacted by the board of Canoeing Ireland who wished to include some alterations in order to bring a more standardised format to the constitutions of the sub committees of CI.
These changes and amendments were not able to be completed in time i.e. to have the proposed new constitution up 21 day before the AGM.
So we now find ourselves in a situation where we will operate using the amended version of the 2006 constitution which as far as the current committee knows is the most recent Constitution that has been passed by a TDU AGM. This is the constitution that we will be using for the 2014 agm. The new updated constitution will now be put forward for voting at the 2015 AGM
Apologies for any inconvenience caused this was not our intention
TDU Committee

2006 Amendments to Constitution -Conor