Hi All
The following links are to Documents relating to the TDU AGM on the 8th of March 2014.
These documents are in draft form, there for your information they may be subject to minor changes.
Included in these links are the nominations, motions,agenda, the chairperson’s report and the treasurer’s report. There is also supporting documentation for the motions that have been put forward by the TDU Committee in relation to the awards scheme.
The TDU is trying to make the TDU AGM an environmentally conscious event there will not be copies of this documentation at the AGM.
If you wish to discuss any of the documentation we suggest you print off your own copy and bring it with you or better yet bring it in e-format.
If you have any questions or comments in advance of next week email committee@tdu.ie
see you there.
Aidan Doran
Chairperson of TDU Committee
Proposed Agenda TDU 8th of March 2014
Nominations for TDU board
Chairperson and officers report for tdu agm 2014
TDU Accounts Overview 2013 (1)
Level 5 Canoe Skills Final 2014
Level 4 Canoe Instructor 2014 (3)
Level 5 Sea Kayak Skills
Level 4 Sea Instructor