Paul Donnelly has stepped down as chairperson of the TDU due to other commitments. The committee would like to wish him the best on his endeavours.

The TDU committee at present is:

  • Chairperson – not filled
  • Secretary – Kieran McKevitt
  • Treasurer – not filled
  • Safety Officer – Paul Norris
  • Kayak Officer – Laura Griffin
  • Sea Kayak Officer – Liz Doherty
  • Open Canoe Officer – Paddy McCormack
  • Environmental and Access Officer – Kieran McKevitt
  • Clubs Officer – Maryanne Doyle
  • Public Relations Officer – Maryanne Doyle

These vacant executive roles must be filled by an election. As a result the TDU committee have called a Special General Meeting on the 20th of May at 20:00 in the Lord Bagenal hotel, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow.

The agenda of this SGM will be

  1. Elect a chairperson
  2. Elect a treasurer

Candidates for chairperson and treasurer must be nominated and seconded. Nominations must be sent to by the 6th of May, 14 days in advance of the SGM.


Update: Nomination period now closed

As of midnight of the 6th of May the period for accepting nominations for the positions of chairperson and treasurer ahead of the Special General Meeting is now over. The nominations that have been received are:

Nominations for Chairperson:
Paddy McCormack – nominated by Kieran McKevitt and Laura Griffin
Nominations for Treasurer:
Liz Doherty – nominated by Kieran McKevitt and Laura Griffin
Neal Kelly – nominated by Colm Slevin and Neil Slevin